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Blood Moon July 2018: Get Ready For The Longest Total Lunar Eclipse Of The Century

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by Conscious Reminder

Said to be the biggest, rather the longest lunar eclipse between then years 2001, and 2100, the Blood Moon would be a grand affair this 2018.

Lasting one hour and forty three minutes, this eclipse will outlast the previous one by nearly forty minutes, which is more than enough time for any person to realize that they have been in the dark for a much longer time.

According to famed astronomer Bruce Mcclare, this eclipse will reach its peak sometime around eight o’ clock in the night, at the American hemisphere, and around nine o’clock GMT.

He also mentioned that this eclipse will be taking place on July 27th-28th, and will be present for a long period of time.

The fact that this eclipse would last around one hour and forty three minutes is a testament to the fact that wonders do exist.

The Moon takes four hours to gather itself around the Earth’s dark umbral shadow, which is because the partial eclipse both precedes, and succeeds the original eclipse by almost an hour.

This results in a much longer period of the Moon staying in the dark. Four hours is a long period of time, considering that a Moon takes only 24 hours to orbit our planet.

Uniquely, the Moon won’t be completely hidden by the Earth’s dark shadow, but will take up the image of a dark red or orange color, representing the planet Venus or the planet Mars.

This effect is called the Rayleigh effect and it results in the filtering of the bands of green and violet light in the resulting stratosphere, or troposphere.

Interestingly, Rayleigh scattering of light is also useful for the color of skies, the dying embers of sunlight illuminating the sky and turning it garish, and the color of blue eyes.

The partial eclipse will start from 6.30 pm on the American hemisphere, and the primal eclipse will start from 7.30 pm throughout the world.

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