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The 22 Stages Of Relationship Between An Empath And A Narcissist

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1. The empath meets the narcissist.

The empath is attracted to the narcissists and their relationship begins. Empaths, as you already know, love unconditionally with full heart and deep love. Their emotional fulfillment is strong even when the narcissists don’t try to form a stronger bond. Since the beginning, there is no reciprocity in the relationship when it comes to making efforts for making the bond stronger.

2.The empath starts to have a false realization that they met the love of their life.

Narcissist creates a total illusion and makes everything to ’empower’ the false beliefs of the empath, without making anything REAL to show that the love is true.

3. Sometimes it seems that both the narcissist and the empath want and invest in the relationship equally.

That’s an interesting phase in the relationship when the narcissist sets boundaries only to establish stronger control over the empath.

4. The narcissist will try to show ‘weaknesses’ and make the empath thing that his partner is under some fictional agitation.

The narcissist will make the empath feel guilty of nothing, all in order to maintain stronger control that is going to result in mental prison for the empath.

5. Subconsciously the empath will start sensing that there is no escape!

However, the narcissist will make the empath weak, or at least will make them feel weak. Meanwhile, the narcissist will empower his position more and more. Be aware that the narcissist will never launch an open attack, but will find many sideways to hurt the empath.

6. The empath will value the relationship as something holy.

The empath will start investing more and more, showing true love and dedication, while the narcissist, like all narcissists, will continue blasting out of frustration, projecting themselves as the victims of their past.

7.The empath suffers together with the narcissist.

The empath will try to do heal the soul of the narcissist, but in most of the cases, the efforts are unsuccessful. Why? Because the narcissist is not truly suffering, but using the ‘pain’ for playing the victim.

8. The relationship is all about the narcissist.

The empath realizes this slowly, and a time comes when they feel afraid to talk or fight for their needs and desires. In their attempt to please they don’t want to voice their true needs. They would rather be likable than give any reason to be disliked. But, secretly they are not too happy.

9. The more devotion, love, care, affection, and effort the empath puts into the relationship, the narcissist feels completely in control over the relationship.

The empath literally dances to the tune of the narcissist. As long as the empath continues to appease the narcissist, it’s impossible to detect any problem in the relationship. The problem occurs when the empath finally reaches the breaking point.

10. The empath finally starts raising the voice.

Their special abilities should never be underestimated and they start feeling the pressure. The empath is not able to keep up with the suppression of the narcissist. Every single day the pressure gets bigger and bigger. However, this doesn’t happen overnight, but it is a constant negative feeling that is getting stronger and stronger, along with the emotional terror of the narcissist.

11. The narcissists are always attention seekers.

In the relationship, the empath will be distracted again by trying to find new ways to satisfy the narcissist’s new needs. However, they will never be truly satisfied and they will try looking for more and more, all in order to distract the empath and make them feel guilty.

12. When the empath raises the voice directly and claims that the empath’s feelings matter too, the narcissist will show true anger and hatred.

The narcissist will be the ‘drama queen’ all the time, and this behavior will also be used as a tactic.

13. The empath will feel confused and hurt.

This is the stage when the empath will feel the pain and blame himself/herself for literally nothing- that’s the empath under the ‘spell’ of the narcissist’s manipulation and domination.

14. At this point, the empath is not able to understand that they are just being manipulated.

Their partner has bent everything around them to create a twisted view of the circumstances. There can be anything around them to let them know the truth that they are the one who is “right” and it’s their partner who is tremendously “wrong” and wicked.

15. The empath( Again!) will make another important step and will try to open the soul completely in front of the narcissist.

The empath will try to communicate in all truthfulness in a poor, but sincere attempt to make the narcissist listen and change.

16. It is normal to feel lost, confused and hurt.

But despite all the heartbreak, the empath will need to be calm and do some self-evaluation to figure out how they became so defenseless. This is how they will start transforming.

17. The empath starts using the healing powers and abilities, starts seeing the things way more clearly and knows that a new beginning may be the solution.

18. The empath experiences a painful awakening, they feel a hurricane of emotions.

19. This is the time when they steel feel confused and sorry for their partner.

However, the narcissist is only showing that the ‘revelation’ is real, paying no attention that the empath is passing through a painful period.

20. On the other hand, they know that not everybody deserves to be loved, admired and taken care of.

They put the narcissist on the last test, completely evaluating the whole relationship since the beginning and giving one last chance. The empath will show wisdom and patience, will control the emotions and stay in the shadow.

21. Narcissist, of course, fails the test, full of pride and negativity. .

However, the empath will try to heal his soul for the last time, but also, will realize that there are many people who suffered, including her/himself, but they sucked their strength out of their positive efforts, love, hope and goodwill.

22. The empath moves on, learns a valuable lesson and continues looking for true love, but this time with more experience and wisdom.

The narcissist who thought that he/she is in the control of the situation ends confused and frustrated in the end, also learning a harsh lesson.

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