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2018 & The Loss Of Privacy: A Master Year To Cast Long Shadows

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The year 2018 is important from many aspects. Numerologically it is a very powerful year indeed. In fact, it is the year of the master number 11.

Now to understand that we need to look at the sum total of all the numbers in 2018. 2+0+1+8= 11. 11 is a master number.

This means that the power and influence numbers have in our lives, gets intensified twice as much when these master numbers are involved. Now although a master year is the perfect time to reach out and utilize the full capability of the human brain, it can also be full of pitfalls.

Whereas the double numbers are here to help us see things in a new light and push our limits to achieve not only excellence, but a better system of sustainable development too. Yet, their shadow is equally potent and can therefore bring out some of the worst in people or ideas.

And already the signs of the same have become apparent. For those who might be living under a rock, the Facebook Privacy Breach is just one of the many exposed cases which are a proof of the shadow of the master numbers.

This occurs in a year which has a master number, and is deeply related to another event from another year, which was in itself a master year as well. Zuckerberg’s era defining invention, which allowed people to share their life story with others, without having to even leave their bed has been twisted and its dark underbelly has been exposed.

Facebook’s data breach catastrophe has a very direct effect on us. It is our personal information that has been stolen. This is like being on surveillance; where every activity, even the things that you tell your friends in confidence can be overheard, overseen and used to control you.

It is as if the lyrics of that song ‘Every move you make, every breath you take, I’ll be watching you’re, are coming real after all. And all of this was predicted a long time ago. Precisely in 1948. But that’s not the Master number I have been talking about 1984, the famous dystopian work of fiction by George Orwell.

Sure in 1948, when he wrote that book, a society where we were under constant surveillance might seem like fiction. But if you look around that is exactly what has been happening to us. This is a glaring example of the shadow of Master number at work. Facebook, though started with innocent motives, has now become a political tool with which people can spread propaganda.

These are the times which require us to look deep within our own shadow. While we are struggling with the darkness that threatens to engulf us, only then will we be able to give ourselves that extra push to dive deeper for truth.

As mentioned before, a master year is one which sheds light on what is hidden. The workings of the shadow too have the ability to show us what was hidden, if only we are brave enough to push ourselves and introspect. Only then can we make the discovery which will help us to return from the darkness.

2018 is an important year. Now that the facts have been exposed to us, what do we do? Do we take the necessary action that will help us get out of the mess we created for ourselves? Or will we let social media become our crutch? Is our reliance on technology already too heavy that we cannot break from its clutches?

Are we the first generation who will see the Big Brother as Orwell predicted, materialize and take control of our lives?

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