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These 6 Zodiac Signs Are Always Ready To Fight

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by Conscious Reminder

Wonderful traits and things characterize every sign of the Zodiac, but there are a few of them which have quite well-known bad characteristics.

Some of them are introverted, others are outgoing, and there are also those that stick simply on their ways.

Those signs which are considered the most misunderstanding ones always look for some fight. They know how they should carry on, but are also prepared to free their beast at any time.

Which are the six signs of the Zodiac who always want to fight?

1. Aries

People in this sign become angry very quickly. They are some kind of competitive and always prepared to get the revenge when a person did them something wrong. Aries is among the most impulsive signs, so if you find yourself around people who possess this sign, be really careful and watch your back.

2. Taurus

Taurus is among the scariest of signs as people belonging to it may go from being fine to being furious in just a few instances. People in this sign probably have the shortest possible fuse, and they can get out of their way so to beat up the person that pissed them off. Violence is surely not the answer, but for Taurus, it is quite common.

3. Gemini

People in this sign fight in their own ways. They are not about the physical fight, but they will actually get it when they feel that there is a need. They will tear others down in a way which is going to make those people think of them hate them too. They are ruthless in a fair way, however.

4. Cancer

They think that it is not important who the person that comes to them is, and they are going to fight back whatever happens. Often, these people tend to hold everything inside them and then explode all of a sudden. People consider them crazy; however the reality is that they are not able to handle their emotions, despite the fact that they think they handle them.

5. Leo

People in the sign of Leo are very proud ones, and their ego is also far too big; such things feed their need of fighting. Even when it comes to some small things, you become over defensive. You will do everything to be in the center of attention, from cutting others off to tearing them down.

6. Scorpio

People in the sign of Scorpio are almost always combative. They often get out of their way in order to do some additional damage to those people who they really don’t appreciate and like, and they also tend to be manipulative, so they are breaking people. Also, these people never give someone else the power over their emotions, and in that way, they feel stronger.

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