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Find Out If You’re A Psychic Empath

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A psychic empath is someone who possesses the ability to feel what other people are going through on a personal level, and feel it more intensely than other people.

In most cases, some special people are born with this ability but it takes them well into their teenage years to realise that they have this power. It also often so happens that when they are younger, they are confused as to why they feel what others are feeling so intensely.

Sounds familiar? Do you think you are a Psychic Empath? Let’s find out.

Now, this intense feeling should not be confused with what we know as the general feeling of empathy. That is very different from this because it cannot match the level of depth of the feelings that psychic empaths feel. The most a normal person can do is relate and sympathise. Psychic empaths feel other people’s emotions so intensely that they need external help to find a way to not let these so called extra emotions overwhelm or engulf them in any way. This is also the reason why they require a lot of time alone, to find and strike a balance to keep them from losing their own individuality and sanity.

Let us talk about their abilities now.

Psychic Empaths possess an ability known as psychometry. They can catch impressions and read auras. They are very receptive. This often helps in solving crimes and other things of the like.

Secondly, they are good mediums. This means that they can communicate with souls and spirits, and this is how they work on finding solutions for other people’s problems too.

They have an ability called precognition, which means that sometimes they know what is going to happen. They have a special connection with nature and animals as well.

So, as it seems that psychic empaths possess a lot of important abilities, they are highly misunderstood and often receive a lot of flak for their ways.

Do you feel the characteristics match? Let us know in the comments below.

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1 comment

Kimberly Williamson April 10, 2018 - 4:41 am

Yes.. yes yes.. I am.. thank you for more info badly needed.. it’s liittle more than just being Empathy..


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