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6 Methods You Can Use To Harness & Multiply Love In Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

We all want love and we all need love. In a way, everything we ever do is a bid to gain the appreciation and the love of those around us.

Love is not just limited to the romantic notion or a couple. Love of family and friends is equally important. All of us want deep and unconditional love, but we just expect it to miraculously appear in our lives; without ever lifting a finger ourselves. Well, that’s not how the world functions. To attract love, you have to learn how to give love.

Here are a few things you need to understand in order to fully able to recognize the potential of love in your life:

1. There is no such thing as a human being incapable of love

No matter how bad growing up was for someone, they can still learn to give and receive love. Many of us are not lucky enough to grow up in a wholesome environment. It is usually assumed that victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment grow up into self-destructing individuals. But, no matter how bad your childhood was, you can teach yourself to love fully by rewiring your brain. It might take some effort erasing all those bad memories but it can be done and can help such people have a better life.

2. Love can help you make your life better

Remember when you were a kid and you were told that only hard work will help you in getting a good life. Well, love is another such quality that needs to be cultivated and can help you better the quality of life. Just like perseverance pays in the long run, the ability to love others and return their love also has the power to change your life.

3. You can practice love

For love to make positive changes in your life, you need to learn to harness its powers. It can only be achieved with constant effort. All you have to do is, find time everyday to just relax and pay attention to your breathing pattern. Now while doing this, try to move your focus towards your heart. And as you do it, think of a happy memory or a positive event in your life. It can be from 2 hours ago or 2 years ago. Doing this little exercise everyday will help you by not letting you lose perspective. You will also be more grounded as well as open to love.

4. Break your unhealthy habit

As mentioned before, our childhood has a lot of say on how we love as adults. If our parents were not able to meet our needs in a wholesome manner, chances are that we developed certain habits for instance- how we react to conflict. By understanding why you react to things the way you do, you will also learn to change this reaction and adopt something that is more productive and healthy.

5. Be diligent

Nothing in this world which is worth having can come to you overnight. Love surely cannot. You have to keep practicing and surely you will see the change within you, and then the people around you. We can train our mind to undo destructive behavior patterns and learn to love anew.

6. Give love to others

Make others feel safe in your presence. Become the rock on which they can lean on. Unless we are secure, we will not be able to tune in to our love instinct. Give that space to others and you will see them transformed right in front of your eyes. When you will be the source of love and support to others, others will flourish and that will affect you in the most positive way possible.

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