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Your Weekly Horoscope For April The 9th – 15th Has Arrived

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Aries Weekly Horoscope

Moon is in the Earth Sign Capricorn, as the week begins. Thus, in spite of any success you achieve, you will remain grounded. You will be quite cautious about whatever you do on Monday and Tuesday. With the Sun passing through your Sign, you will be motivated to put your best foot forward. Limelight falls on you now, so take advantage of this time. To add to that, Mars’ influence over your Sign would instill confidence and self-esteem in you. Ask for a raise, or make a stage presentation! There’s nothing noteworthy happening at the financial front, though. If you are single and anywhere close to marriageable age or stage, be prepared for some family pressure. If you are a student, this should be your exam time. Ganesha says your efforts will pay off well. Overall, you shall remain in good shape. But considering the planetary movements, there is a possibility of a minor injury, so be extra careful.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

You begin the week in a confused mood. Blame it on the trinity of Moon, Saturn and Mars. As if the the dual contradictory pull of Saturn and Mars in your 9th House, Capricorn – Moon also joins the bandwagon in week’s initial part. In your heart, you are all about taking risks, but Saturn keeps making you aware of the ground realities of life – and Moon – well, it keeps you restless and preoccupied. Wednesday onwards, expect things to get better, says Ganesha. However, with Mercury in retrogression, you have to continue to remain careful – especially when it comes to work and business. Postpone launching new projects, product or development activities. Don’t sign a legal contract, if you can help it – for now. Gadget breakdowns or mistakes are likely. For singles, thankfully, the time brings relaxing moments with a loved one or fling. Take care of your well-being, as injuries and falls are probable too.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Things may not be going the way, you want them to. But, don’t let that make you restless, says Ganesha. As two planets having dissimilar influences are moving through your 8th House, luck may not really be on your side. Health will need utmost attention, during this time. Minor issues are likely to escalate, so make sure you do not neglect them. Stress and depressing thoughts may give you sleepless nights. Mediate – and find ways to calm your being, suggests Ganesha. While nothing big is expected for you in business, minor profits will make guest appearance, saving the day – here and there. Differences of opinion in a long time relationship may upset you. But, keep your cool and take initiatives to resolve the issues well before they turn into serious matters. In a new love alliance, you might experience an urge to enjoy some intimate moments. With Venus in the 12th House, you may tend to become a spendthrift too. Nothing wrong in that; just make sure you know when to stop.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

This week, hurdles in daily activities may be something you will have to deal with. It is said that if you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. Obstacles are a part of life. Although, we cannot avoid troubles or setbacks, we can always choose how to deal with them, says Ganesha. Try to be optimistic about the challenges in professional and personal life. Plus, look at the brighter side – as allof it may not be as bad, as you may be feeling. Think about how much you are learning from these experiences and be happy. 7th House occupants, Saturn and exalted Mars, may not spell harmonious times for your marriage or a long term relationship – or even a business partnership. Do not let disagreements take a wrong turn. With hardly any time to mingle, single Crabs are likely to remain single. Never mind; singlehood has its benefits. Mercury becomes direct in motion, over the weekend, which is good news.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Here’s a challenge for you. You will have to win the battle against the negative influence of Ketu and Moon in your 7th House – of your married life and partnerships – as the week opens. There may be times when you have to let go, taking a step backwards, even when you know you are right. Come on, you can do that for your lovely relationship – can’t you? Same applies to those in a long-term committed relationship. Handle matters calmly, for the clouds of negativity will clear soon. On the material plane, with no big deal in sight, entrepreneurs shall have to be happy with the minor gains predicted for the week. If you work for an organization, prepare yourself for a tough schedule that demands late working hours in office. Fortunately for you, exalted Mars and exalted Sun shall together push you to go the extra mile, as they want you to gain confidence – in your own worth.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

On surface everything seems to be alright, but there is something that’s not letting you breathe easy. Is the chemistry between you and your beloved dwindling? Are you worried about the unwilling, un-cooperative behavior of your spouse, committed partner or a long-term relation? Well, talk it out – but tactfully and with an open mind. Resolve, whatever is bothering you, amicably, says Ganesha. At work too, this week, there may not be anything interesting. But, sometimes, staid and boring is all you want. Right? Any way continue to do what you are good at. It will bring you happiness – and so will creative activities and playing with kids. Opening up to a good friend is also a recharger that you can put to use now. Love stars are bright – so falling for an old friend is also a distinct possibility. Till Friday, the pace of life may be slow – but expect it to catch speed, as Mercury turns direct over the weekend.

Libra Weekly Horoscope

Venus, your Sign ruler, now transits through your 8th House. This planetary movement will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. You will be willing to take any risk to ensure that you reach your goal. However, Ganesha advises you to slow down. Also watch your back and guard your reputation. A love affair at work or in business sphere is likely to tarnish your image. Your rivals and enemies may also try to spoil your prospects. Be very careful, and guard yourself every way. In work or business you will remain quite busy – and may be liable to make mistake. Exalted Mars and strong Saturn together will keep you very busy. Singles will get an opportunity to forge a long term relationship. Finances remain sorted.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Some dispute or complication in your family may need to be handled carefully. However, you may choose to stay away from it, because of the discomfort you experience. Instead, you shall focus on your career, which seems to be on the fast track, this week. Super-human efforts are expected from your side, though, if you wish to complete your assignments within the given deadlines. You will be more aggressive about moving ahead, all because exalted Mars is transiting through your 3rd House, where Saturn too is posited currently. This planetary alignment also indicates the desire to take well-calculated risks at the business front. There is one thing that you must not take lightly, and that is the developing cracks in your relationship with a younger sibling or a close friend. Make sure you help them take the right path in life. Mercury comes out of retrogression, around the weekend.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Saturn is placed in Capricorn, and moves along with exalted Mars – in your 2nd House of finances and family. It’s a double whammy – to say the least! Expect the contradictory pulls to leave you confused. They say, Saturn teaches you some really important life lessons, and now the strict task master may be in a mood to teach you how to handle your money wisely. If you wish to pass the test, make sure you take well-thought finance related decisions. The same is expected of you at home; handle family matters delicately. At the job front, you shall finally feel relaxed. With no more work pressure bogging you down, you can take your own time at whatever you are handling. Mars’ influence may keep you restless, though. In business, it is a period of no gains- no loss. Diabetics are requested to be a little more vigilant about their health. Diet instructions must be followed, and so should your exercise routine. Mercury shall become direct over the weekend.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Work keeps you busy, as the weeks opens. You remain concerned about money and self-growth. However life’s ironies continue to embroil you, keeping you pulled in opposite directions. You may feel as if you are on a crossroads, unable to choose, which path to follow. Take your time, and go with your gut! Mercury is retrograde at the moment, so it would be best to not try anything new or risky. Ganesha advises you to postpone a new course of action – for now. Take time to review your past actions. In personal life, something may keep you uneasy. Disharmony in personal relations may disturb you. Routine activities will also be thwarted. Blame it on the mixed influences of planets. Career and profession are unlikely to bring any relief. Don’t let stress affect your health, though. On Sunday Mercury turns direct, which surely is good news.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

And, there are some more unexpected expenses awaiting you, this week too. It may upset your plans to invest a part of your income for future needs. Now, that Ganesha has forewarned you about this snag, you are expected to make provisions in advance. You wouldn’t want to borrow money from friends or family, would you? Injury from a fall cannot be ruled out, so be on your guard. A strained relationship with your sibling or friend may make you unhappy. Be helpful and nice to them, because once there develops a distance in any relationship, it is difficult to mend the fences. If you own a business, the stars predict a business trip abroad. The reason could be anything – from finalizing a big deal to a technology tie-up. As the week comes to an end, so does Mercury’s retrogression. Good tides await you!

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Encouraging monetary gains may bring a smile on your face, at the beginning of the week. Saturn and exalted Mars move together through your 11th House – and Moon meets these two major planets, here, on Monday. Friendships, societal relationships, your financial interests and the benefits you are entitled to – may come under the spotlight. For your relationships, this astral picture is not favourable too. You may be flustered by the absence of harmony in a long-term relationship. Saturn may play the baddie here, forcing you to see only the flaws in your partner. You may even belittle the efforts of others, be it at home or office. Strange mood – you seem to be in! It’s a good thing to praise good deeds and be positive, reminds Ganesha. The exalted Mars may make you a little aggressive. By being so furious, you are only going to hurt yourself and those who matter to you; control. Mercury starts its direct motion on the last day of the week.

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