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4 Properties Of Crystals People Rarely Know About – Tesla Used To Say Crystals Were Living Beings!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We’ve all heard of magical crystal balls and the special energies that crystals emit. Nowadays, more and more people are starting to believe that our world is magical and that it offers much more than we know or recognize.

Getting to know the power of crystals

Lately, I started to perceive crystals in a different way. While I’ve always known that they are powerful healers and carry clean energy, it seems that crystals are much more than that.

In fact, it seems that each crystal has its own personality and maybe even its own awareness.

Is it possible that the crystal has its own mind?

If you asked me this a few months ago, I would probably have responded negatively, but now I would not be surprised that the crystals have some sort of consciousness.

While I was grieving for the loss of my sister, the crystals became good allies, and working with them during this period of mourning helped me to understand them at a completely new level.

Here are 5 magical abilities of crystals I noticed:

1. They are aware

A lot of people believe that crystals have some sort of consciousness. Although this level of consciousness is not even close to the level of consciousness of an average person, it is believed that crystals, just like everyone else in this universe, have a “mind of their own”.

We may not be able to understand or understand the “mind” that possesses every thing in this universe, but it is very likely that everything in this universe, including crystals, has some form of consciousness.

According to Nicholas Tesla – “In the crystal we have a clear record of the existence of a formative life principle, although apart from all we can not understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being.”

According to your crystals, you do not have to treat yourself as your pets, but when you care for them and treat them with respect, they work better and more efficiently – try.

2. They communicate

Crystals are well known for their ability to heal, but they can actually communicate and transmit messages.

Crystals are like storage devices and contain information that a person can download. After working with certain crystals, you may discover new information or receive new information.

One of the ways people use crystals for communication is the use of whiskey.

The crystal is at the end of the chain or strip and can be crossed over the body to find areas of tension, pain, and stagnation of energy. A place that attracts high is a place where healing is needed.

Crystal viscounts can also be crossed over the map to find things / people, or even to find the perfect travel destination.

You can also use a crystal drop to find leadership.

3. They are portals

Once I got a crystal that used a psychic medium. She felt she had finished with that crystal and she passed it to me. That night I put a crystal next to my bed and had the most unusual dreams! I traveled through different dimensions and met with divine beings, it was an incredible experience!

When I woke up in the morning, I realized that I had forgotten to clean the crystal and probably still had a residual energy in myself. I contacted the media and discovered that the crystal was used as a portal for access to higher dimensions.

That night I decided to re-examine my destiny and sleep with crystals on my bed. I traveled again through different dimensions in my dreams and met all kinds of light beings.

It was a terrible experience, but after the second night, I knew, however, that it was time to clean the crystal and make it mine. After cleaning the crystals, the dreams disappeared, but from that moment on, I realized how powerful crystals are!

4. They have the ability to travel

I’ve heard countless stories about people who have lost crystals so that they might appear no-one for months or years later!

I also sent a crystal to my friend in Australia, but when he opened the envelope, the crystal was not in there! Today I still have no idea where this crystal is, but wherever it went, it’s probably where it should be.

Crystals are attracted to certain places and people and almost as if they have the ability to go where they want to go. Maybe you experienced it yourself and you felt attracted to the crystal and you need to buy it or perhaps give it to someone.

Separation from crystals can be difficult, but when the time comes for the crystal to go, it really seems to have its own mind.

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