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People Born On A Sunday Are Nowhere Near Ordinary

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In most traditions of the world, Sunday is the first day of the week. People make use of Sundays to prepare for the week ahead, rest and worship.

Sun is the ruler of this wonderful day. Those born on Sunday are truly shining stars like the sun. They are never satisfied with anything ordinary. They want to shine with a distinguished brilliance amidst other people.

These are highly creative individuals who wish to place themselves in the first pale in every domain of life. These bold, self-centered, proud, noble and confident individuals are real assets to the society.


Being ruled by the Sun, these people always want to be the center of attraction and rule their domestic and social front. As the planets revolve around the sun, these people are surrounded by their near and dear ones, children, pets and people.

Having enough fun and a purposeful life are their top priorities. From time to time, these people gamble with love. Though they appear confident most of the times, they can be seriously distressed while confronting troubles and challenges.

They will only make friends with those people who will allow them to be at the center. Number one is their lucky number. Worship Sun god every morning or at least on Sundays to find good results.


The Sunday born always love independence and freedom even in their carer. You will do your best in those vocations that will see you working alone. You have a strong difficulty to compromise. Due to this reason, you are a tough person to work with.

Choose a career that will make use of your intelligence so that you feel connected with your profession. Leadership roles will suit you the most. Your smartness and self-motivation will push you towards achieving your career objectives easily.

However, while working for an organization it is essential that you cultivate tolerance towards others to be able to do well as a team.


You always love independence as a Sunday born person. You are an introvert personality which will mean you will not have many friends. Your close friend’s circle will be limited. You do not easily trust others for the fear of being cheated.

This will make it difficult for you to find your love life partner. However, once you find the right person who you can depend on, you will start loving them unconditionally. You are often stubborn and short-tempered.

This will make your love life a tough journey as they will be frequent quarrels and misunderstandings. If you wish to avoid upsetting your partner, you must learn to compromise and also a keep a check on your quick emotions.


Sunday born will have mixed prospects in married life. You are an outgoing individual and will want your personal space and freedom to enjoy your preferences in life. You will find it difficult to balance your domestic and social life.

Often your ego and pride will come in the way of your marriage relationship. Though you tend to be self-centered, often you can be overbearing when it comes to relationships. Control your fancy to boast and indulge in self-praise which might hurt the sentiments of your partner.

By cultivating a good understanding and considering the emotional needs of your partner will ensure a successful married life.

Art by Karol Bak

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