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Aries Full Moon Ritual, September 2023: Finding Your Heart’s Desire

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon in Aries is one of the most magical of the year. It is full of creative energy, allowing us to both birth our ideas and release everything that is holding us back.

This Full Moon is also linked to the powerful Aries lunar energy we experienced in March and April of this year. The Aries New Moon occurred in March, and the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse occurred in April.

The seeds of energy planted at that time are now ready to bloom and lead to a higher level of awareness. You might want to think back to this time period to recognize and celebrate how far you’ve come.

The Aries Full Moon is also unique in that it is the last Full Moon before Eclipse Season begins, making it especially effective at thinning the veil and bringing up deep subconscious thought patterns that need to be released.

This ritual is intended to assist you in not only tuning into your heart’s desire and believing in yourself, but also in shedding any fears that are holding you back.

The majority of the work comes from feeling and believing in your heart’s desire. Once you’ve done that, the rest will fall into place.

Aries Full Moon Ritual for Finding Your Heart’s Desire

You will need:

  • Sage or palo santo for smudging
  • 4 Candles
  • Black tea leaves (tea bag is fine)
  • 3 of your favorite crystals (choose whatever you feel drawn to)
  • Pen and paper


This ritual is best performed in the evening before going to bed. The best time to complete this ritual is between September 26th and October 2nd.

1. Brew the tea according to package directions and set aside to cool. Please do not add milk! You only need the tea water.

2. While the tea is cooling, cleanse your aura and surroundings with sage or palo santo. (If you have the option, use Palo Santo as it more aligned with the vibration of Aries).

3. Once you have cleansed yourself and aura set up your ritual as follows-

  • Light the candles and place them in a square shape (one candle in each corner)
  • Take your cup of tea and place it in the center of the square
  • Arrange your crystals around the cup in whatever pattern you choose

4. Begin gently rubbing your heart center in a circular motion to activate the energy. Place your hands in prayer position and rest them against the center of your chest. Close your eyes and take ten to twenty deep breaths. Imagine your heart center expanding as you breathe. Imagine it as a flower bud opening or a ball of white or pink light that grows larger and larger.

Note: If you’re not a natural visualizer, you can also silently repeat to yourself,

“I am now opening my heart center to release and unlock my true desires.”

5. Once you feel a gentle buzz or hum in your heart center (this may take more than ten breaths), gently and quietly ask your heart to show or tell you what it wants. Ask your heart what it requires of you. You may see it as written words or a vision, hear it spoken to you, or simply have a feeling or “knowing”. Trust whatever feelings or messages come your way and try not to pass judgment. Maintain simplicity.

6. Take out your pen and paper and start writing down any messages that come to you so you can remember them later. You are free to write as much or as little as you want; simply follow your inspiration. It is best to keep this ritual simple.

7. Once you have an understanding or even a glimmer of your heart’s desire, rub your hands together and place them around the tea cup while repeating your desire. Black tea carries the energy and vibration of fire and Mars (the element and planet of Aries). Repeat your heart’s desire three times to yourself while holding the tea cup and taking a sip of the brew. This sip represents you infusing your heart’s desire throughout your entire body. It also adds symbolic strength to your desire.

8. Return your tea cup to the center of the candles with crystals. Fold your paper and place it in the center as well. Say thank you, place your hands over your heart, and then blow out the candles, but leave everything else in place overnight.

9. Take your tea and wash your hands with it the next morning. Repeat the following while washing your hands:

“I now wash away the fears of yesterday and release myself from the obstacles holding me back. I forgive and let go of the past and know that I no longer need to carry it with me. I wash away my fears and replace them with the wisdom of my heart’s desire. My heart’s desire of (insert heart’s desire here) now flows through me and leads me at every turn. Nothing is impossible as long as I am following my heart’s desire.”

10. Finish the ritual by extinguishing the candles and crystals. Keep the piece of paper somewhere safe to remind yourself of your heart’s desire.

Happy Aries Full Moon!

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