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These Signs Tell That You Are Dealing With Soul Loss

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by Conscious Reminder

For eons, spiritual and indigenous tribes have some experiences which are called soul loss.

But, with time, the phenomenon slowly begins saturating several society members, mostly because of the massive lack of trauma, awareness, or major spiritual circumstances.

In fact, there are different theories about what occurs when people experience this, which range from their souls entering a different reality or realm, in order to complete their possessions.

Shamans actually believed that until a person retrieved them, he or she is never going to feel complete. Also, there is one form of therapy, which is known as soul retrieval.

Here are the 11 strong signs which prove that we deal with soul loss:

1. A huge and sudden feeling of emptiness

While we can sometimes feel empty in our lives, experiencing some other symptoms which follow a strange event or occurrence, we probably experience soul loss.

2. We feel like we do not belong all of a sudden

We feel like we cannot find our place, and regardless of how hard we try to communicate or connect with other people, we simply cannot.

3. Our daily lives feel meaningless

We simply do not feel like we have any purpose. We will usually stay in bed, or lay down on the couch all the time, and wonder what the point of our living is?

4. We do not feel like we control things in life

Nothing in our lives works out, so it simply looks like some outside forces play their part, although we push the notion away.

5. We feel fatigued and tired regularly

We can simply not get to the point when we will have energy, physically, mentally or otherwise. Also, there isn’t a medical explanation.

6. It looks like we are several people that live in only one body

There are days when we feel good, but there are those when we feel completely opposite. The next, we act on things which we said we would not, and we cannot help but only wonder “Who is in charge?”

7. We are numb

There is nothing that makes us happy, lonely, sad, anxious, or anything else. We are numb, which means that we feel everything the same.

8. We cannot sleep, usually for days

Although experiencing insomnia is normal, when it happens for days, we have to think about it as it may be a huge problem.

9. After traumatic events, we feel like we are not the same

Something traumatic and dark happened to us, and since that time, we just are not we. And, this will change our lives significantly.

10. We cannot remember some major gaps in our lives

Although forgetting some things is quite normal, it would not be when we block our whole decades.

11. We do not feel whole

We feel like we are missing some significant parts of ourselves, and we continuously seek parts which are gone forever.

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