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The Connection Between Feng Shui & Intuition

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Quite often when people call Feng shui consultants to their home, they expect them to have psychic abilities. For many, that is the only explanation why a Feng shui expert is able to ‘know’ when something is not quite right with a property.

It is assumed that a certain sort of sixth sense is needed to know when the energies are not in balance. To an extent that is true, a sixth sense does come into play a bit. But firstly, it is not psychic abilities, it is plain simple intuition. And secondly, it plays a very small role in the readings of an expert.

Feng Shui consultants have years of training and observational prowess working for them which allows them to make these analysis. They have learnt all these energy principles during the course of their training. And although sometimes things are just too obvious- for example if you live in a dark and dingy room you might find yourself a prey to depression. The majority of them, invisible to the naked eye are not so elusive to a trained one. A lot can be said about a house’s influence by knowing about its year of construction, direction and other small details which play a big role in governing the lives of its occupants.

But sometimes some clients think that a thorough knowledge of their discipline is not enough for these consultants to be making observations about their home. They feel better when someone says that they can sense when there are restless spirits or ghosts running around in the attic. Well, to some extent these details can be cleaned even with the help of intuition. As we all know, our gut feeling is a great ally, especially while dealing with things we can’t really put our hands on. Not just Feng Shui consultants, we all should learn to rely a little bit more on our intuition.

In fact, more often than not, seeking out a psychic for a reading of your house can prove to be more damaging than good. Most of the individuals are nothing but professional hoodwinkers at best, or deranged maniacs at worst who claim to see a lot many things but are in fact just plain phony. Finding a true psychic would be extremely lucky and quite rare. In fact, why do you need a psychic at all?

If you have sought a trained professional then their training and experience should be enough for you. They will tell you everything is to know about your house without having to resort to any claims of seeing spirits and what not.

However the power of intuition cannot be neglected. In fact, in the beginning the very first few Masters were individuals who were deeply in tune with their own instincts. They were able to experience much more than a normal individual because they had trained themselves to pay here to their gut feeling. That is how the whole discipline which later progressed on geo-mantic and technical knowledge, first came into existence.

In fact, Feng Shui can also affect the intuitive powers of a person. When you live in a place where the energies are in balance, you will not only be more sensitive to your intuition, but also be able to appreciate your life more. When you are able to feel a change in the qi of your own surroundings, you are better equipped with the knowledge of its importance and presence. Feng Shui adjustments sharpen your senses and you are able to feel the change in your life force. Visible effects might take a bit longer to come but there is no denying the former.

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