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Use These 15 Powerful Psychological Tricks And Turn Them Into Your Advantage

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by Conscious Reminder

The mind of human beings is an incredibly complex thing. In fact, every one of us has an authentic pattern of response and behavior to different situations.

However, when you hear people saying the mind over matter, it is the thing you really have to aim for, as they are right. Such mental processes, no matter how complex they look, are very simple.

Being able to perceive such smaller events is going to provide you with a much profound understanding of such behaviors and will also permit you to respond to and adequately control them.

Here are some powerful psychological tricks which you should start using today:

1. The power of silence.

When you ask some question, and you get an unsatisfactory and impartial answer, you always have to harness silence’s power. You should be silent after the answer and also maintain eye contact with the person.

2. Chewing gum.

You should never underestimate the chewing gum’s powers. You can use them in stressful situations, as they are going to trick the brain and it will think that you eat something. That will combat stress and anxiety.

3. Watching people while they laugh.

When some people in a group laugh at something, you should notice the ones that look at one another while laughing. In such moments, people instinctively tend to look at the person that they consider the closest to them.

4. Do not state something that is obvious.

Never say some phrases such as ‘I believe’ when you state your opinion or perspective. Others will think you are too confident, while also convincing at times you do not state something that is obvious. 

5. Always stay relaxed and calm.

You should never lose control in a situation of tantrums and aggression of other people. Instead, you should prevent anger from coming, and that is going to make others stay relaxed and calm too.

6. Act just like you desire to feel.

Your actions are actually the expressions of your emotions. This means that how you feel in the inside is going to show itself on the outside. So, act just like you desire to feel, so, because of that, your mind is going to start to experience that desired emotion.

7. The key to everything is confidence.

A lot of people are not familiar with everything. However, appearing confident, as well as knowing what you do, others are always going to give their attention to you.

8. Treat that who interviews you as an interested individual.

Instead of being nervous, you should talk openly, respecting the interviewer and behaving in a friendly and relaxed manner. You can imagine that he is your older relative you like to talk with, and the effect will be immediate.

9. Be that change you want to see in the world.

For instance, when you want other people to feel happy, you will also have to be happy every time you actually see them. They are going to respond to that mood, and they can barely wait to see you once again.

10. Sit near the person in order to avoid scolding.

For instance, you can sit next to your boss while at meetings, in order to avoid criticism from his part. People usually feel uncomfortable when they attack those that sit near them.

11. Mirrors.

You can install mirrors in your customer service, placing them behind you, so when others come, they will not be idiots because they can actually see their expression at that moment.

12. The technique door-in-the-face.

First, you should ask for some bigger favor, the one that is probably going to be refused. After that, ask for the one you really want, and also make sure that the second favor is smaller than the first one. Other people grant the smaller one automatically.

13. Get pumped

Stress and exhilaration possess the same signs of behavior. So, at times of feeling stressed, you should think of the problem as some type of challenge and notice how the body is going to take those physical stress signs and transform them in excitement.

14. You should make other people associate you with fun.

When you date with someone for the first time, you should do something amusing. In that way, the person you date is going to associate you with their experience of excitement and fun.

15. Eye contact.

You should know that eye contact means everything. You should continuously maintain it, and people are naturally going to get closer to you.

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