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Enhance Your Life Using The Power Of These 6 Merkaba-Activating Crystals

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Crystals play an important role in the Spiritual journey of individuals. They can help people heal themselves, or in case of seekers help them to find greater truth.

They are sacred and each kind of crystal has its own importance. For instance the Merkaba crystals which are distinguished by their 2-star tetrahedron structure can help a seeker on his path to Spiritual transformation.

Here are a few kinds of Merkaba crystals which you will benefit from:

1. Red Jasper:

This crystal is deeply linked with the Root chakra and thus is great for grounding exercises. It can be used to cleanse your aura as it grounds and eliminates all negative energies. When you are cleansed, you naturally feel lighter and more capable of reaching higher consciousness.

2. Green Aventurine:

This Stine is linked with the heart chakra. This means that it can help in healing because the heart is the site of circulation as well as Spiritual healing. This will help you in maintaining love and happiness in your relationships with other people. It is also said to bring great prosperity in life.

3. Yellow Aventurine:

This particular stone is highly regarded because of its connection to the solar plexus chakra. This crystal will help in removing doubts and second thoughts from the mind of the carrier.

4. Lapis Lazuli:

 This particular stone is an amalgamation of a number of minerals namely- lazurite, calcite, pyrite etc. It is linked with the throat chakra and hence enhances communication. It is said to bring the physical and Spiritual realm together by enabling coherent communication between them.

5. Amethyst:

 This crystal is known to be linked to the brow chakra. It is said to help in meditation as the brow is the site of intuition. It helps you to find balance and peace. If you have any telepathic, clairvoyance or clairaudience capabilities, you can use this stone to enhance them.

6. Crystal quartz:

This stone is linked with the crown chakra. It can deeply enhance the power of your intention and can help in reaching higher Consciousness. It greatly helps in the path for wisdom and Spiritual growth.

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