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The Spiritual Importance Of 2018 And How The World Welcomes The New Year

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by Conscious Reminder

2018 is going to be a magical year or will come the closest to being one.

If you are wondering how a year can be magical, then you need to know about the power and magic of numbers.

Numbers are the building blocks of our universe and they rule our lives more than we know. Pythagoras posited that all numbers possess a sacred meaning and the quest of understanding the universe is to make sense of these numbers.

2018 happens to be an 11 universal year. 11 is a very powerful number. All other numbers derive their origin from 1, and 11 is twice the power of 1.

The time of 11:11 is very auspicious for connecting with the Spiritual world. During this year, all your wishes can be heard if only you’d believe that someone is listening.

The beginning of a new year means out with the old and in with the new. Cleanse your surroundings, be it mental or physical. Get rid of all the clutter that no longer serves a good purpose to you.

Every culture has its own way of preparing for the year ahead. Here is how people that belong to different countries and cultures celebrate this new beginning.

Brazilians believe that this is a time for cleansing. To do so they dress in all white, and jump over 7 waves in the ocean as a symbol of purification.

Russians, make a wish for whatever they wish to achieve in the New Year. They then write it on a piece of parchment only to then burn it. The ashes are then sprinkled in the champagne.

Cubans also give very high importance to cleanliness. They scrub their whole house clean so that even a God can come to visit and not find a speck of dust. And it is also a custom to walk around the neighborhood with a bag ready if they want to travel a lot in the upcoming year.

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