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Communicating With Your Spirit Guide Made Simple With These 7 Steps

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by Conscious Reminder

Spirit guides are the ones who teach your spirit to live its way through life.

It’s very important that we communicate with them on a daily basis to connect our inner spirits with our inner feelings. Here are 7 ways to achieve this this interactivity.

1. Mildly asking them

Your spirit guide isn’t an alien element in your body. It works according to your personality. If your character renders positivity, your spirit guide will work in a way to deliver your good intentions. Your guide is ready to listen to you; all you need to do is to ask them.

2. Proceed without any expectations

Too much of expectations can ruin your mental stability. Calling your spirit guide doesn’t mean that it will appear before you in a physical form. They will interact with you from your own insides, which is called their own special way. Compositely appearing before, you won’t make things any better. So let it work naturally.

3. Meditation is a great medium of connection

Meditation is the most useful thing that a human body needs. After all the toil and labour you make it go through daily, it needs rest. A calm soul can connect better to your spirit guide. Inner spiritedness improves through meditation and yoga. Calm your mind, heal your soul. Meditation generates the right frequency and the correct medium for your spirit guide and you to talk on your own terms.

4. Guide yourself

Take things slow. Make up a box for yourself consisting of the ways you’ll guide yourself through this communication. There is another method you can undoubtedly follow. Jot down all your problems in a listicle and put that paper in a box called your guidance box. Have faith, keep patience and know that your spirit guides will read and approach them. Well you will sooner or later.

5. Ask your guide to give you a sign

Overtime as your interaction matures, you can always ask your spirit guide to send you a signal as to the communication is being completed and fulfilled. Look around for signals. If you feel negative, your sight will show you, maybe a broken piece of glass. If you are happy and heading towards the correct paths your spirit guide maybe signalling you with the sight of a child laughing.

6. Give your spirit guide it’s own space

Everybody needs a personal space. Your spirit guide is a part of you doesn’t mean it should be deprived of space. Do not mix it up with your other inner mechanisms. It has a space of it’s own. Communicate with it there, in that scared place.

7. Guide yourself through this process

Clear your subconscious mind and maintain a list on what you want to communicate to your spirit guide. Don’t overdo yourself, at the same time allow it to become a powerful tool for your inner soul and healing. A good spirit guide can take you to places.

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