Giant Jupiter Goes Retrograde Tomorrow. How Will This Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

Even if astrology isn’t your ~thing~, you’ve probably heard about Mercury going retrograde before (and all the panic it sets off in otherwise sane people).

But since Mercury retrograde gets so much attention, you might not know that all the other planets go retrograde at some point, too—and each has a special meaning.

The next one to go retrograde is Jupiter, and it’s happening on April 10. Mark your calendar now, but in the meantime, take a sec to learn about this astrological event, because there’s plenty you need to know. Donna Page, a certified astrologer in Atlanta, breaks it all down.

What does it mean when Jupiter goes retrograde?

First things first: In astronomy speak, the word “retrograde” means that something is moving backwards, says Page. When Jupiter is going retrograde, it looks like it’s moving backwards from its usual orbit in the sky (which is pretty cool when you think about it).

In astrology, when planets go retrograde, you’ll tend to feel the areas they rule a little more strongly, Page explains. Jupiter inspires people to grow and take risks, so you may find you’re a little more ballsy than usual around this time.

What does Jupiter in retrograde mean for your zodiac sign?

Overall, you’ll feel super enthusiastic and confident in pretty much all areas of your life, Page says. Um…sweet! Now is the time to get out there and apply for that job you’ve been too scared to go after, try that complicated recipe you Pinned for “some day,” and ask someone you’ve been eyeing if they want to go on a date already.

You’ll also find yourself taking a beat and looking at big picture stuff, Page says. What is it that you really want to accomplish, and what are you doing to make it happen? How can you be the most awesome version of yourself?

At the same time, Venus is at the same degree as Neptune, stirring up a dreamy, romantic vibe. You may find yourself building up your S.O. in your mind…until they forget their keys (again) and bring you back to reality.

Jupiter retrograde will affect all zodiac signs, but Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces will feel it the most, Page says.

:: Aries

During the time Jupiter will spend in retrograde, you’ll feel pretty on the edge. While it may seem unreasonable, you will begin to understand where this tension comes from as the days pass. You need to consider spending more time working on yourself and giving yourself a break. You need time for yourself, and taking a break is not wrong.

:: Taurus

While it may not be the most comfortable thing for you, the retrograde events that will come will help you grow. You’ll feel much more about yourself than you have in a very long time, and that’s something you’ll need to get used to. Some of the worst parts of your past may come to light but in the end, without the baggage you’ve been struggling to carry, you will be able to move forward.

:: Gemini

This retrograde will offer you something that you’ve missed for too long. You will find a sense of courage and work to put yourself out in this world. You’ve been closing yourself off for a while now and cutting ties with the people who are most concerned about you, that you need to stop.

:: Cancer

You’re going to have a serious call to wake up. You spent too much time allowing yourself to live your life for other people. You have to figure out what you want, and this retrograde will provide you with the perfect opportunity. Sure, it’s not the worst you’ve been in your current situation, but it’s not one that serves you. You’re heading for new things.

:: Leo

For you right now, the world is a scary place. You face a lot of pain and struggle, but you do your best to be strong. You will realize how small you really are as this retrograde moves forward. Of course, you want to be the focus of attention, but that’s not possible right now. Maybe you should consider if the path you are on is the path you should be on before it is too late to make the changes you need to make.

:: Virgo

Time is something that you feel you don’t get enough of. It looks like there’s something else pilling up on top of you every day and you’re not the best at ‘handling’ it. This retrograde will knock you off your feet and you might find that a good thing if you work with the energies instead of against them. If you are willing to take the risks necessary to embrace the opportunity, these energies could bring forth abundance.

:: Libra

This retrograde will put you in a place where you can get more in tune with your own emotions. You will spill your guts to the person who matters most in your life once and for all. While the things you feel would normally bottle up, Jupiter won’t allow it. Remember that even if you stumble, you will benefit in the long run from the fact that you are actually trying.

:: Scorpio

You’ve been through a lot lately and there will be a period of relaxation in the next few months. You will express yourself more and find something that will make you happy. While it’s not something you’re good at, loving yourself and being true to your heart, is something this retrograde will have you working on.

:: Sagittarius

Now is the time to get you out of your shell. You usually find ways to avoid doing this and are moving on constantly without building true connections. This retrograde will cause you to dive into your past and open up to someone who is more important to you than you initially thought. Maybe in the coming months you’re in store for an unexpected treat.

:: Capricorn

The next four months won’t be easy for you. They’ll be pretty intense and full of stress. You will make some serious decisions and most of them will leave you feeling as if you made some mistakes. Remember, no matter what you’ve done the right thing if you make the decision that’s best for you. We can’t just please everybody and get to grips with that will do you better than you can ever imagine.

:: Aquarius

The retrograde of Jupiter will have you looking at your spiritual side. You will spend a lot of time meditating and trying to overcome some of the struggles that you have faced. This period will be quite free for you because with minimal strain you will be able to get through it. Others may be able to learn from you one or two things.

:: Pisces

This won’t be a good retrograde for you, but it’s going to be a big one. In the months to come, you’re going to explore a lot more and try to overcome the setbacks placed before you. If you want the brightness of your future as you say, maybe this dark moment will bring you there.

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