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Powerful Energies Brought By The New Moon On April 15th: Time To Kickstart A More Proactive Life

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by Conscious Reminder

April’s New Moon is going to take place right in the middle of the month. It is at an angle of 28° in Aries and is aligned with Uranus. This is the time for changing some things around yourself, in a positive direction of course.

New Moons are the best time for you to try and turn your life around for the better. The time immediately after a new moon is full of possibilities and positive vibes. This April’s New Moon is no different, but it is to be noted that changes in love life would prove to be exceptionally beneficial.

The Astrology

The new moon is at an exact angle of 26°02’ in the sign of Aries. It is also to be noted that it in in the constellation of Pisces. The ruler of this constellation is Neptune. This particular constellation is associated with idealism, intuition, spirituality, empathy, but has also been known to bring about deception, confusion and lack of clarity. Therefore it is said to influence drugs which cause mind altering effects etc.

The only relevant star of this constellation is Al Pherg and is located at an angle of 27°03’ in the sign of Aries. It is associated with determination and a state of preparedness. All the more reason for this New Moon to be super effective for your positive changes it is backed by Al Pherg.


Uranus- The most important aspect that this New Moon makes is with the planet Uranus in conjunction with Sun. This translates to a positive energy of anticipation for you as you will look forward to the changes. You’d be considerably full of energy so it is advisable that you indulge in some new activities. Otherwise you might get restless and this energy will turn into nervousness and tension which is to be avoided at all cost.

The influence of Uranus will also help you in being more receptive of the changes and difference in ideologies that you will come across. It is an ideal time to extend your awareness. Coming across new people and cultures is a possibility which you should make the most of.

Venus in opposition to Jupiter- This will mean that you might have a little trouble trying to find the motivation to work. Be prepared for this and make sure you have enough drive to smooth over this phase.

Venus trine Pluto- This combination is great for relationships, both new and old. You will feel enjoy intense passion in your relationships. And even if you are single, you might find yourself attracted to someone.

Mars sextile Neptune- You will be more empathetic. And understanding the problems of others should make you want to try and help them.

Jupiter sextile Pluto- You will find that without any external catalyst working on you, you’ve become more driven and organized. This change is in accordance with the overall spiritual growth you’ve been going through.

In conclusion

This New Moon is especially beneficial for whatever new changes you have planned because it is accompanied by Al Pherg. Al Pherg will give the much needed determination to your will to change.

Uranus will help expand your consciousness if you will let it, by being more receptive and seeking out change.

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