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Powerful Solar Eclipse On July 2nd: Don’t Let Outer Influences Cloud Your Judgement

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by Conscious Reminder

While we are moving forward, this month is coming to its end. In fact, with just several more weeks, July will be here, bringing together with it everything from the planetary world.

There is going to be a solar eclipse happening on July the 2nd. It will actually be a New Moon solar eclipse, happening in the sign of Cancer.

This is not going to be visible just like we want it to be; however, those that live in Argentina or Chile might actually get a very nice view. It is not important if we will have the chance to observe it or not, all those energies which are connected with the eclipse are going to be present in our lives.

Solar eclipses are something which happens on New Moons where, in fact, the moon is moving between our planet and our Sun. In this way, the Sun is obscured.

While the three of them are in a completely straight line, everything will be dark for just a small time period. Also, those energies which surround such events are similar.

They also obscure people’s eyes but in some particular ways, their minds. During such events, we will be forced to actually look back in order to rethink everything we were through.

There are going to be a few things that we should remember when talking about the influence that this eclipse may and is going to have.

Sun trine Neptune may be a fantastically charismatic, glamorous, highly imaginative, poetic and musical combination, which will come with its price. It also seems that this aspect may be affected by some tragedy.

As the trine is going easily with the flow, and with the planet Neptune, it may make our egos become easily suggestible and porous.

Mirrors and smoke during the solar eclipse will easily sway the masses’ willpower. Those people that this eclipse is going to touch will find it hard to resist alcohol, drugs, or other temptations.

Moon trine Neptune may make people quite devoted to their lovers during this period; however, they have to be really careful that their longing does not leave them without the sense of self.

When putting great devotion in all-consuming passions, they are going to do best. Such passions can be artistic projects, spiritual practices, or working on transforming the needy and sick people’s lives.

This trine also takes Neptune’s fantasy element and even tries to create a utopia. In fact, it will be in constant tune with dreams and hopes of common people.

The moon’s nurturing side in the upcoming solar eclipse may take on the transpersonal role when it comes to mothering this world.

While we are moving forward, we have to align properly with bigger pictures. Everything that happens in our own lives happens for specific reasons.

Although the upcoming eclipse isn’t something we were expecting, we can use the energies which it offers us.

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