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Intuition & Divine Guidance

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by Natasha Dern

The soul uses a variety of methods for communicating with us but the most direct route is the way of intuition. Again, it is not a verbal language, but a language of feelings.

For example: If you are dating someone and there is an uneasy feeling about him/her — your intuition is speaking up. If you choose to ignore it then you are responsible for the consequences that might come about. The more we ignore our intuition the more we will be made to see the folly of our ways. When intuition is ignored or by passed, a deep sense of anxiety sets in.

When you begin to operate from the realm of intuition, you automatically move to the next level in your development — self authority. This quality is dependent on the ability to listen to the guidance springing from within. The ability to listen and trust in your power (intuition) enables you to move with ease and freedom in the world. You realize that by listening to your intuition you protect yourself from unnecessary pain or harm. Just remember that whenever the element of frustration enters any area of your life — you are not listening to the wisdom of your intuition. The way to eliminate the frustration is by getting quiet, closing your eyes, breathing, calming yourself down and tuning in to your intuition. Trust the guidance that’s transferred to you.

What is this Guidance? It is actually the universe guiding you via your intuition. It is constantly guiding you whether you are conscious of it or not. Because the language of the universe is not literal, your cultivation and understanding of how the universe speaks to you and guides you is crucial. By remaining receptive, being aware of the signs, signals and messages of Guidance, your life will take on a completely new dimension and meaning.

For example: You’ve been thinking about leaving your job but don’t know how to go about it. One day, on the way to work (despite being late) you feel like grabbing a coffee from Starbucks and as you wait for your order, you begin talking with the woman next to you and the next thing you know she is a top recruiter in your field. Coincidence? Not all. You followed your natural impulse and ended up being in the right place at the right time in order to meet the person who could help take your career to the next level. You could have resisted the urge to pick up the coffee because you were running late, but instead you were mindful and therefore benefited greatly.

Besides your intuition, what you read, see or hear throughout your day that captures your attention are also clues of how this Guidance manifests or tries to impart information to you about your life. It comes in many forms and below are some examples:

Media, Music, Movies, Newspapers, Magazines
A telephone call
Strange encounter
Chance meeting with someone from the past
Sudden insights about a person, situation or obstacle
Clarity about your path, your life, your future
Lightness of being
Feeling joy in the pit of your stomach
A feeling of being loved and protected
Psychic flashes
People you admire and look up to
Tingling sensation

The universe has its own ways of communicating with humans and humans need to understand the ways of the universe. We need universal guidance and the universe needs our cooperation in implementing its guidance in the world. We are always communicating, but for most of us, we are not aware of it. Be alert. Be discerning with the information you receive. One of the ways you know the universe has passed guidance to you is the by way you feel — you will feel whole, safe, contented and completely at ease. If none of these feelings are present then its not Divine Guidance but your own ego or personal desires. Pay attention!

Once you get in the flow, you will trust your intuition more and be receptive to the signs and signals of Divine Guidance. You will feel more comfortable and secure in the world.

You will feel like you belong here and that somehow despite everything things will work out in your best interests – because your intuition and Divine Guidance will make sure of it.

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