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One Planet You Don’t Have To Be Scared Of. Saturn & Pluto Are Both Going Retrograde – Here’s How It Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

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Mercury goes direct April 15, 2018. Saturn and Pluto both begin their own backspins shortly thereafter, which might make you feel like there’s no rest for the weary. But, just what does Pluto retrograde 2018 mean for your sign?

While it’s known as the long dark night of the soul, according to Pandora Astrology, this is the one planet you actually don’t have to be scared of. “A Pluto transit is the most profound of all the planetary transits: it is nothing less than a total and complete transformation from one way of being to another,” Pandora Astrology noted on its website.

“In nature, this is best illustrated by the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly … For human beings, this is a psychological process during which we often feel we are in meltdown or ‘lost in the dark,’ not knowing what we are to become or what life will be like when we emerge.” While this might sound a bit dark and twisty, it can actually be an opportunity for positive transformation. And, coupled with Saturn retrograde, which begins April 17, Pluto retrograde, April 22 through Sept. 30, is an ideal time to make some changes for the better. Wondering where to start? This is what Pluto retrograde 2018 means for your sign.

Aries: Chart A New Course

Aries, you’re the trendsetter of the zodiac, and Pluto’s energy could have you going through a rebirth, especially in relation to your career. If you’re not happy on your current path, Pluto gives you an exciting opportunity to reinvent yourself in creative new ways, which is key if you want to make your living doing what you love. “Money is always an issue and Aries strives to have a career, profession, or business that pays financially,” Astrologer Terry Nazon noted on her website. “This is where Aries has to be innovative and stay relevant.”

Taurus: It’s Time To Tear Down & Rebuild

Taurus, as the most stubborn sign in the zodiac, you can often be your own worst enemy. Pluto can help you change all of that because this tiny planet has your back, and it’s going to force change whether you like it or not. “The asteroid Vesta also joins Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn making for a potent time to tear down, rebuild, get to the heart of matters, and become more focused and disciplined in order to get ahead,” Nazon noted. “There can be new directions to go in or you might feel free to improve things in your career or line of work.”

Gemini: Get Rid Of Obstacles

Gemini, you’re ability to use your twinning skills to see both sides of a situation can be your greatest strength during Pluto retrograde when you’re finances will need extra attention. “This applies to borrowing and lending, but it can also affect the resources you share with others, others’ contributions to your life, and intimate relationships,” Cafe Astrology cautioned on its website. “There can be some lack of availability now, and the temptation may be to get angry or push something when it’s better to wait. Clearing obstacles is in focus now. Keep your head down and eyes on the prize!”

Cancer: Tend To Your Relationships

Cancer, you’re almost always focused on your relationships. However, during Pluto retrograde you’ll need to pay even more attention than usual. Harness Pluto’s rebirthing energy to evaluate whether or not these relationships are really working for you, or if you’re simply holding on to them out of fear. “Mars spends much of April in between Saturn and Pluto, which is a rather tough place to be! This can point to the need to work through issues with others, particularly in your one-on-one relationships and partnerships,” Cafe Astrology noted. “If a relationship withstands pressure, this can be a time for coming up with a new and improved plan to go forward.”

Leo: Learn To Find Balance

Oh, Leo, your impatience can sometimes cause you to make rash decisions that you regret later. However, Pluto retrograde offers you some tools to learn to achieve balance in your life so you don’t choose what you want in the moment over what’s best for you in the long run. “It’s no fun sitting at a desk hour after hour and dealing with others troubles or complains when the Sun is shining. Leo must get away.” Nazon noted. “But will you be neglecting your home, pet, family and job if you just take off somewhere?” Harness Pluto’s energy to change your approach, which will increase your chances for both happiness and success.

Virgo: Slow Your Roll

Virgo, Pluto retrograde’s tear-down-and-rebuild energy could have you wanting to plow ahead in your normal steamroller fashion. However, lack of patience will only increase your chances of not getting what you want. “You can, however, make some serious progress if you aim to be patient, thorough, and determined,” Cafe Astrology explained. “Attempts to rush things during this period tend to meet with slaps on the wrist. Rewards seem to only come after concerted efforts and can be delayed or deferred, to boot!”

Libra: Let Your Guard Down

Libra, because you’ve been so focused on your independence, you’ve likely ignored nurturing your relationships, which can make you feel off balance. “For awhile Libra has been independent but longed for a real relationship, and it’s been hard for others to figure out what you want,” Nazon noted. “In April, Libra has to take a larger view and take the independence that they have won for themselves and figure out or define for themselves what part of their lives are they willing to share.”

Scorpio: Pay Attention To Details

With Saturn retrograde likely to increase misunderstandings, and Pluto retrograde unleashing rebirthing energy, Scorpios could find themselves in a pickle. If you decide to tune out instead of listening and paying attention to those around you, it’s possible that you’ll end up feeling frustrated. “Approach problems one at a time and step by step, even if you’d rather skip through things more quickly,” Cafe Astrology recommended. “There can be miscommunications and some delays or repairs to deal with now, but ultimately improved channels for commuting and communicating, so be as patient as you can.”

Sagittarius: Clean Your Financial House

Sagittarius, for you, Pluto retrograde is an ideal time to revamp your finances. “It’s a good time to eliminate certain expenses or redundancies in your spending, get rid of excess clutter, or rework a budget,” Cafe Astrology advised. Additionally, if you’ve been feeling like you’re not really in the driver’s seat of your life, Pluto retrograde offers you the opportunity to take the wheel, regain some control, and open up new doors to your future. “It’s also a beautiful time to work towards a new goal or recommit to a business goal.”

Capricorn: Revisit The Past

Capricorn, Pluto retrograde may open some doors to the past that you thought were closed for good. “Big ideas and plans can happen now,” Nazon revealed. “This lucky aspect is a play on Pluto in your Sun sign and brings lots of attention to you from friends, ex lovers, people from the past, and the rich and powerful.” Don’t ignore these opportunities to potentially form new relationships or partnerships with people from bygone days. This doesn’t mean you’re going to get back together with an ex, however it might reveal an opportunity to create a whole new kind of partnership.

Aquarius: Relax, Rejuvenate, & Release

Aquarius, for you to take full advantage of Pluto retrograde’s rebirthing energy you’re going to have to let go of a lot of emotional baggage in order to end the month feeling all bright and shiny like a brand new baby. “There can be some fixation on past events, guilty feelings, and missed or lost opportunities. Those things buried or hidden can emerge in unexpected ways,” Cafe Astrology noted. “The focus now should be on letting go and releasing rather than building up more frustrations and resentments. This energy can also point to intense, exciting connections, personal revelations, and projects that motivate and thrill you.”

Pisces: Identify Practical Solutions

Pisces, Pluto retrograde might leave you feeling backed into a corner, and of course your first instinct is going to be to fight your way out. However, stepping back and weighing all of your options will serve you better in the long run. “Considering your limits is vital at this time,” Cafe Astrology advised. “Practical considerations or obligations may seem to slow you down, but fixing problems now can lead to massive improvements or the discovery of a better way of doing things for future reference.”

During Pluto retrograde, it’s important for all signs to view obstacles as potential opportunities in disguise. After all, there’s no reason to make things more difficult than is necessary because Saturn retrograde already has that covered.

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