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The Most Powerful Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign

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Pretty and powerful, crystals can be key accessories in helping you tap into your intuition, harness the power of your intention, and tune into your soul.

And while different crystals have different properties—for example, rose quartz can help dissolve painful romantic memories and citrine can help attract positive thoughts—some crystals are especially attuned to certain astrological signs.

Here, Heather Askinosie, crystal expert and holistic healer, breaks down the best crystals for your sign. Read for both your sun and rising sign, suggest Askinosie, who, with Timmi Jandro, cofounded Energy Muse, a crystal healing jewelry company and co-authors of the forthcoming book Crystal Muse, Everyday Rituals to Tune in to the Real YouWhether you wear them, keep one by your bed, or have a few in your purse, these gems will help your soul sparkle.

The Best Crystals for: Aries

Some of the best Aries crystals to connect with are carnelian, citrine, and garnet. Carnelian is known to complement your inner voice, giving you the confidence to counteract self-doubt. Citrine is useful for manifesting your dreams and securely promoting your intentions. Garnet enhances your energy, sending high vibrations throughout your body, which increases your endurance and ensures you reach your highest potential during any type of performance.

The Best Crystals for: Pisces

Aquamarine, your Pisces birthstone, can bring you insight, especially when you are questioning your own intuition. It can also unveil underlying emotions you may be harboring toward others, or even yourself. Connecting to chrysocolla can help soothe a broken heart as well as help you work through your feelings and express them clearly in each of your relationships. When you are in need of a spiritual revival, amethyst can calm you down and bring a pleasurable sense of relaxation.

The Best Crystals for: Aquarius

When conflicts arise, aquamarine can be used to strengthen your ideals of community and help enable you to practice forgiveness. At times when you feel hurt or betrayed by those close to you, yellow jasper can heal wounds that still burden your mind. Connecting to your birthstone, amethystat the end of this healing process can bring your mind, body, and spirit back into balance.

The Best Crystals for: Capricorn 

If you are interested in working toward your heavenly self, azurite can help stimulate your divinity. Another way to practice what you preach is through an energetic cleanse, which can open your heart and encourage acceptance of others. You can perform an energetic cleanse with peridot, which is considered to remove envious feelings to ultimately aid your relationships. Finally, when interested in extracting energy blockages throughout your chakras, garnet, your birthstone, is known to rejuvenate your spirit, implementing serene vibrations.

The Best Crystals for: Sagittarius

You are constantly searching for new adventures to take you for another ride; therefore, bronzite can act as a powerful catalyst for change in your life. Citrine can help reconnect you with your inner self, enabling you to stay true to who you are deep down inside your soul. No matter what challenge you face next, turquoise can help enhance your natural intuition, providing you with just the right amount of guidance to see you through to the end.

The Best Crystals for: Scorpio

In times of anger, citrine, malachite, and amethyst can restore your peaceful tranquility. Citrine is powerful at invoking feelings of happiness, joy, and serenity, by infusing you with its light. Malachite, a powerful Scorpio birthstone, transforms negative energy into positive vibrations to facilitate emotional healing. For the ultimate aura clearing treatment, amethyst opens your crown chakra to bring you peace of mind.

The Best Crystals for: Libra

You can be guilty of indecisiveness since you tend to consider all factors of a situation, which stalls your decision-making process. To counteract this weakness, connect with lapis lazuli for solid decision making. Additionally, citrine can promote your optimism and balance your yin and yang energies so that you can feel confident in the choices you make. For further security in your decision making, labradorite can clear and protect your entire aura.

The Best Crystals for: Virgo

One of your negative characteristics as a Virgo is that you tend to be less inclined to open your heart to others. Connecting to a supreme nurturer like red jasper grounds you and keeps you centered. Another way to balance your chakras is through kyanite, which is believed to bring energetic protection to help you go beyond your comfort zone. Once you gain enough courage to open your heart to something or someone new, jade is said to bring abundance and prosperity, while simultaneously getting you back in touch with nature and keeping you down to earth.

The Best Crystals for: Leo

Garnet can ignite your inner fire and fuel your passions. Tiger’s eye, charged by the sun, can support your soul’s evolution as you grow older and wiser each day. Any project you take on can be supported with carnelian, which strengthens your personal power and stimulates your creative thinking.

The Best Crystals for: Cancer

Moonstone, as the name suggests, is connected directly to the moon and harnesses its energy. When you connect to moonstone, you call upon your free spirit to carry you through your journey. Red jasper is very beneficial for building your stamina, helping you overcome adversity to be a stable support system for your loved ones. Abalone shell connects you to the changing tides and emotions of the sea, which makes you more perceptive to what others are feeling.

The Best Crystals for: Gemini

Jade removes negativity and replaces it with peace, bringing balance into your physical, emotional, and intellectual body. Rutilated quartz is unique in its ability to connect you to your highest spiritual state, and carnelian promotes your joy and personal power. Altogether, these crystals work in tandem to enrich your life with new knowledge and everlasting wisdom.

The Best Crystals for: Taurus

Peridot instills positive power, leading you to be more courageous and trust your instincts. Carnelian also energizes you to move forward when you’re caught up in a sticky situation. And pyrite, a wonderful stone for Taurus, is said to bestow an abundance of blessings in favor of your hard work and perseverance.

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