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Today A Strong Blue Full Moon Rising In Scorpio: Is It Love Or Is It Lust

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by Conscious Reminder

The full moon taking place in Scorpio will be an exciting one. It will take place on 18th May and is referred to as the Blue Flower Full Moon.

The intense energy of Scorpio will match up with the emotional lunar energy and bring about an ultimate ride of self-discovery and transformation.

Now, why does this moon have such a long and strange name. Let’s decipher it. The ‘blue moon’ is not going to change the colour of the moon. It stems from the phrase, ‘once in a blue moon’. Rather, the proverb is derived from it.

This is a rare occurrence. There are generally three full moons happening in a season and one every month. When there is an extra, it’s called a blue moon. This time, this spring brings us FOUR full moons – the last being called the blue moon.

And why is it named the flower moon? On the basis of the months, Full Moons are given special names, as per Algonquin naming traditions. That’s why the April Moon was called the Pink Moon and the March one, the Worm Moon. This Moon occurs during the season of blooming flowers and hence, is called the Flower Moon.

And then, it’s the obvious Full Moon. The complete illuminated face of the moon is aimed at the earth – we see it whole. It’s a special moon astrologically. Our intuitions go high and our emotional energies start rising, reaching a peak. Our inner magic reveals itself. Also, it represents the end of one lunar cycle.

The Scorpio Full Moon is lusty and represents death, sex and taxes. Our desire for taboo becomes our drive. It’s completely natural to have fantasies and it’s more than natural to try and live in it. And the planets agree with you.

The Scorpio Full Moon is occurring in the Taurus season. The steady bull will impact us along with the Venus and Mercury which are currently in the same sign. The water sign, Scorpio, doesn’t like Taurus and Mercury and so, it will affect from within, influencing our subconscious. Releasing your inner passions begin now.

It’s time to explore our sexual side. Try it by pleasuring yourself or experiment with your partner. If you want extra spice, try multiple partners. You can also go for stretching or dancing if you are not feeling very sexual.

Try out some new sex positions – let the music flow. Make your bedroom fantasies come true. Mars and Venus are famous for their sexual escapades. When they oppose or collide with one another, get ready for some major things to start in your life.

Sparks would be unleashed and you might have the time of your life in bed. Getting frisky, already? Well, we won’t blame you – Scorpio does things to our bodies in that way. It’s just how the planets control certain aspects of our life. Well, for this full moon, there’s nothing to complain.

Time to make things happen.

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