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The March Equinox Brings In Hope As We Move Towards A New Beginning

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by Conscious Reminder

The Spring Equinox in 2021 falls on March 20th/21st depending on your time zone.

The Equinox is special, for it marks the exact moment when you have similar hours of both day and night. This also signals the movement of the Sun to Aries- one of the primary tropical signs in the zodiac.

The Significance Of The Equinox 

Since Aries is popularly referred to as the first zodiac sign, the Equinox in March represents the initiation of a new year in astrology- along with a zodiac cycle. On a limited scale, the Equinox in March also heralds the start of a completely new season.

But keep in mind that this depends on your place of residence. If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere, you would find the beginning of Spring. However, people living in the Southern Hemisphere would herald autumn.

When you combine all these movements, it is pretty easy to realize that the Equinox in March is a very important day. It helps in bringing in newer beginnings, along with fresher energy, and a perspective shift.

To put it simply, it helps us look at things in a completely different way. All that is left is to carefully observe what Nature is conducting around us.

There are times when you might be called into both sprout and blossom. Else, there might be signals from the Universe that we should start things afresh. Listen to Mother Nature, for it is a guide. It shows us exactly which way we need to move.

There is a huge possibility that we would be more welcoming to the new energies coming in. This comes as a result of us instinctively feeling that our time to shine has come.

Equinox Through History 

Historically, Equinox has always been seen as the point where both the higher realms and this world seem to meet. At this very juncture in our timeline, we would be able to listen in to the wisdom that our ancestors left for us. We would also be able to hear our spirit guides, as they take us on our journey to nirvana.

In ancient times, Equinox’s energies were always thought to be one of the most magical moments in one’s life.

This is when the planet was in total harmony- and we would be able to see the embodiment of both light and dark at one spot. To be honest, we can’t have light without dark, and vice versa.

Not only do we require light to see what’s dark, but we also need darkness to truly understand what light comprises. It thus becomes easy to understand that the Equinox in March would be about honoring the qualities that we have within ourselves.

The entire movement is about acknowledging the fact that we are in sync with the very duality that governs our lives.

As far as the Equinox in March is concerned, the Chiron asteroid is hovering around the Sun in Aries- where its influence shines bright. This asteroid is crucial as it provides us with clues about the journey that we are undertaking.

Chiron is also referred to as the wounded healer. The asteroid might be going through major injuries and trauma, yet it would still show the way for anyone who is lost.

Chiron is especially useful during this Equinox because it takes its wounds and makes them its strength. The presence of wounded Chiron helps us believe in ourselves. We start realizing that our trauma shouldn’t be bringing us down- rather we should utilize it as fuel.

With that kept in mind, you should utilize the strength and wisdom of Equinox to honor yourself. You have come a long way, and no one deserves to be belittled for what they have suffered. Look inside yourself- for it would provide all the answers you need to bring peace within you.

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