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Be Careful Around People With These 5 Traits, They Will Always Break Your Trust

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by Conscious Reminder

“A relationship without trust is like a car without gas. You can stay in it as long as you want but it won’t go anywhere.” – Trent Shelton

Any long term commitment requires a good deal of trust. And this trust must be on a reciprocal basis. Be careful around the people with the traits mentioned below because they will never be truly loyal to you.

1. Excessive charm

If someone seems way too sweet, I always get suspicious and I’m hardly ever wrong about them. There is usually a catch and it is big enough to change the way you view them. Pay attention when an individual tells you things that make you happy but never anything deep about themselves. The truth will eventually come about but by then it might be too late.

2. Not empathetic

A person who cannot be trusted and who finds it easy to betray others cannot be expected to be empathetic. This is because a person who has even a smidgen of empathy will never be able to keep committing acts of betrayal without thinking about the pain they are causing to others. They will be able to feel as other people feel so they will have a hard time bringing themselves to betray the people they care about.

3. Traits of a narcissist

A person with narcissistic characteristics will think that they are the centre of the universe and so does a person who cannot be trusted. They will never own up to their own mistakes and will always come up with some argument that will shift all the blame on you. They will even make it look like you pushed them into making the wrong choices. They will always betray you because their ego is more important than any feelings they may or may not have for you.

4. Not careful with secrets

If someone always tells you information that they have been asked to keep secret by someone else, beware of confiding in them because they will spill your tales to others. They have no respect for anything confidential and secrets have no sanctity for them. Their need to be in the spotlight and to get everyone’s approval will ensure that they divulge sensitive information if it makes them look good or if they stand to gain something else by it. They don’t care who they hurt in this process.

5. Swinging like a pendulum

These people will keep going back and forth on things of importance. There are people who are indecisive and those who are fickle. The former will just find themselves confused when both decisions look like they will lead to good results. The latter will swing like a pendulum between two extremes. You will never be able to understand if they are truly loyal to anyone or to anything or they even support an idea like loyalty. You can’t take their word on anything because you never know when they are going to change their minds and leave you out in the cold.

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