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Your Extensive & In Depth Weekly Horoscope For 4 – 10 June 2018

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Romance, intrigue and karmic connections!

It’s all crackling in the ether this week as planets dance into mystifying formations. It begins on Tuesday, June 5 as seductive Pluto in Capricorn duels with Venus, the cosmic coquette, in the opposite sign of Cancer. Although the air will be charged with sexual tension, motives will be harder to read than hieroglyphics. Are they really that into you…or is it all in your head? (And, uh, are they already in a relationship with someone else?) Do the detective work before making a move! The Venus-Pluto opposition can up the erotic ante, so if you have a worthy playmate, use the element of surprise in your favor. There’s nothing like a cat-and-mouse game to crank up the heat as long as you aren’t TOO mysterious. Trying to make bae jealous could seriously backfire—and pulling back too much might create the wrong kind of tension, like a rubber band stretched so far that it snaps.

Have you been stuck in a financial holding pattern? Tuesday’s Venus-Pluto opposition could have you singing, “Yo quiero dinero!” like J-Lo and Cardi B. A well-calculated move could pay off, as long as it’s a win-win. Watch for power struggles on the professional playing field. Taking shortcuts—or even attempting to undercut the competition—could seriously backfire. And just as you’d do with dating prospects, run thorough background checks on any potential business partners. With shadowy Pluto holding court in Capricorn, a glittering offer could turn out to be a raw deal if you don’t read the fine print. Beware the loan shark in gentle mermaid’s clothing!

Wednesday’s quarter moon lands in Pisces, which could make it even harder to distinguish a mirage from the material truth. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing—but have you slipped so far down the rabbit hole that you’ve lost touch with reality? If that’s your story, use Wednesday to get centered on the earth plane. Take it back to the basics. Restock your fridge with healthy groceries. Go for a walk to reconnect with your physical body—or do something Piscean like swimming laps or taking a dance-based cardio class. Finding yourself on the other end of the spectrum, all practicality and no creativity? Use these supernatural moonbeams to get back in tune with the miraculous. Start by making a gratitude list. If you look around, you’ll notice all the small wonders that you’ve been overlooking. Getting present to these is like tuning a harp. Soon, you’ll be strumming all the right chords to attract more magic and unexpected bliss into your life. As you do, however, you may start seeing situations that are out of sync with your highest good. Midweek, you may realize that it’s time to set boundaries with an energy vampire or begin plotting an exit strategy from a toxic work environment.

The week’s final befuddling mashup comes just one day later, on Thursday. That day, the ego-driven Sun in Gemini locks into a tangled angle (a 90-degree square) with nebulous Neptune. With these two planets rumbling, we can fall prey to delusions of grandeur. But rather than strutting around like unclothed emperors, we could get swept into the role of savior, white knight, and “the only one who understands” a tortured soul. Or, we could subvert our own power to a charismatic guru figure who plays mind games to undermine our confidence. Making these kinds of sacrifices can bring a temporary high, but it’s a slippery slope…and one that can lead to a bottomless pit of (co)dependency. That said, the Sun-Neptune square CAN be healing. Neptune governs our subconscious while the Sun rules our self-expression. In the second half of the week, we may finally work up the nerve to discuss our deepest fear or reveal our buried brilliance!


Wearing your heart on your sleeve is the Aries way—or more, like showcasing it in a rainbow-striped, metallic jumpsuit! But early this week, don’t rush to gush. Venus, the flirtatious fashionista of the skies, is on tour through creative, but confidential, Cancer from May 19 to June 13. And this Tuesday, June 5 she will sit opposite poker-faced Pluto in Capricorn. Power struggles could erupt from the boardroom to the bedroom. Since you obviously want to keep the upper hand (or your wits about you!) it’s best to say as little as possible. For one thing, a competitor may be clocking your every move. Flattering…or disarming; or both? While no one can replicate your secret sauce, you don’t have to hand them the recipe. Stamp your trademark on your intellectual property before you share it with the world. If people’s words and actions are misaligned, don’t call them out. Instead, investigate like a stealth Olivia Pope. Hint: Observing what people exclude from conversation can tell you everything. In love, it’s okay to be a bit more mysterious. Use the power of suspense to create build-up. Drop hints, dangle the carrot but make them work for it if they want more. Just don’t get hung up on playing cat-and-mouse games. If someone’s been jerking your chain, stop responding to the prompts…and watch as they come chasing after YOU.

On Wednesday, you can tie up a few loose ends as the quarter moon in Pisces activates your twelfth house of completions. You know that when one door closes another opens, but do you realize that you’ll never achieve actual closure if you only stick one toe out of the door? These balancing moonbeams help you find the emotional courage to say goodbye to a behavior or relationship that no longer serves you. You’ve moved on in your life, Aries; now it’s time for your feelings and behaviors to catch up. But because this is a quarter moon, don’t be rash about slamming said door shut. You need to process things so they don’t return in another form (or lesson). Plus, there may be some wiggle room to renegotiate terms. If you’re still struggling to move on, book a few therapy sessions or work with a coach or shaman. The goal is to release the pain caused by this situation, so remind yourself that carrying it around only prolongs the agony.

On Thursday, foggy Neptune jams the signals, locking into a challenging square (90-degree angle) to the Gemini Sun. Agreements you thought were solid may feel more like Jell-O—and good luck trying to hash out a compromise. Dialogues could just turn into diatribes where nobody winds up feeling heard! Under this foggy mashup, assume nothing, especially when it comes to siblings, coworkers and neighbors, who may be the vaguest of them all towards the end of the week. If a “crisis” arises, don’t jump into the role of rescuer. The heady buzz it brings will only last a minute and is likely to be replaced by annoyance when the person you “saved” becomes dependent on your advice and support, or worse, starts offloading their work on you. No thanks! Put difficult discussions on ice until next week. With the moon in Aries for most of the weekend, you’ll have time to actually think about what’s best for Numero Uno, without getting swept into people-pleasing.


Feathering and fluffing can go a long way to turn the mundane masterful. But how much is too much? It can be hard for your detail-oriented sign to draw the line, especially since your galactic governess—romantic, aesthetic Venus—is trailing through Cancer and your meticulous third house from May 19 to June 13. But look out, Bull! This Tuesday, June 5 piercing Pluto will sit directly opposite Venus in the sky, which can ratchet your obsession with “the little things” to dangerously disruptive levels. For one thing, Pluto’s competitive urges could suck you into a compare-and-despair vortex. Sure, check out other people’s work for inspiration, but stay in YOUR unique lane as an innovator, not an imitator. If you find yourself fussing in the mirror every five minutes, break that trance. What you need early this week is NOT another selfie shoot, but something more physical like a nature hike, living room dance party or a crafting night with creative friends. When you’re radiating self-love (instead of worrying about how you look) you draw people to you like a moth to a flame. Has someone in your life grown a wee bit too comfortable doling out unsolicited fashion or other “self-improvement” advice? As politely as possible, let them know that you’d prefer that they keep their pro-tips to themselves.

On Wednesday, when a balancing quarter moon in Pisces lights up your collaborative eleventh house, membership could prove to have privileges. Venture beyond your usual circumference. You could become an active member of a mastermind group or a seriously strategic socializer. As business guru Jim Rohn proposes, you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time around. The takeaway: Choose your company wisely and make sure everyone on Team Toro is contributing equitably. The eleventh house also rules technology, so if you have something to promote, you might make a noticeable splash on social networking a no-brainer. But first, try to get a sense of yourself the way strangers would see you. Are your photos well-lit and inviting? Are your posts and comments engaging? And is there anything that could potentially be embarrassing or inappropriate for professional connections that needs to come down? The goal needn’t be to make every post go viral (this is a chill quarter moon, not a full moon). Just Google your name and make sure you’re satisfied with what you see.

On Thursday, however, leaning on certain folks could be as stabilizing as planting your Nikes in quicksand! As the illuminating Sun gets filtered by Neptune’s hazy veil, people’s true colors might not be as rainbow-bright as you imagined. Don’t be fooled by social personas. That charismatic dynamo might be a better “unpaid motivational speaker” than a legit source of support. Sparkleponies come in many packages, Taurus. Under this befuddling mash-up, even your go-to wing-people might be MIA near Thursday. But before you start the pity party, find out what’s really going on. Could it be that they’re just involved in their own interpersonal dramas and distractions and this has nothing to do with you? There IS a silver lining here. Perhaps this is the chance (one you didn’t even know you were waiting for) to nurture a newer friendship, one that could evolve into a kindred-spirit-grade bond.


Tone it down? That’s just not possible for you, Gemini. But this week, you might keep a few details on the downlow (and off of Facebook) until you KNOW they are set in stone. Decadent Venus is on her annual cruise through Cancer and your sensible-yet-sensual second house. On Tuesday, June 5 powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn and your house of sex, secrets and serious bank sits opposite Venus in the sky. The urge to splurge (and merge!) may be insatiable one minute; the next, you’ve got buyer’s remorse and a case of cold feet! Or, someone you’ve been crushing on could start wavering about next steps, sending you into a panic. Deep. Breaths. Scientifically speaking, all things magnetic attract and repel—and if anyone understands that duality, it’s a Gemini. Early this week, make room for some internal back-and-forth, whether it’s coming from you or from them. The key to making it through unscathed is to let yourself experience the full range of the cycle BEFORE taking action. Pluto’s clapback at Venus also rings the budgetary alarm. Runway-fresh styles may be your weakness but make sure you’re also tucking cash away in your investment account, or at least savings. And if you’re going to spend, scour for classic pieces that will last through the seasons instead of ending up in your Buffalo Exchange “resell” pile before the summer is through.

Wednesday’s motivating quarter moon in Pisces fires up your tenth house of career and helps you tune out the distractions that pull you off-course. Even if you’re not quite ready to assume baller status, you can start plotting your ascent. Take your first giant stride toward a long-term goal now. Then, just climb and you’ll know what your next step is—and the one after that and the one after THAT. If you need some help with branding, PR, or your general trajectory, tap a pro or business coach. The tenth house also rules men, so if your connection with an important guy in your life has fallen into a bit of rut, devote some quality time to the relationship this week. Let this guy get everything off his chest, even if you have to weather a little mansplaining. Once he’s gotten it all out, you’ll understand what he’s actually driving at here. (And it’s NOT what you previously thought.)

Keep that backbone firm, Gemini, even if it takes some extra willpower in the second part of the week. On Thursday, as the Gemini Sun gets hit by a disruptive beam from sacrificial Neptune, an authority figure could try to pull rank, or you might get unwittingly sucked into the role of the “responsible one.” Set clear limits—and don’t let anyone (no matter how high up the chain of command) guilt-trip or intimidate you into doing something that goes against your personal values. No matter whom you’re interacting with, if the conversation starts to veer into the “rescue me” territory, heed the warning signs and make it clear that you will NOT go there. For extra measure, don’t make plans with people you know to be needy or a hot mess. They’ll just be true to character, and you’ll wind up resenting them for dumping their issues on you. On a related note: Stay off of your work email this weekend, or you might get drawn into a project that could—and should—wait until Monday.


Ever since love planet Venus cruised into your sign on May 19, you’ve been Cupid’s favorite target. But this Tuesday, June 5 don’t leave yourself QUITE so open to his random slings. A duel between doe-eyed Venus and seductive Pluto in Capricorn and your relationship house could bring some questionable characters your way—but you might miss all the red flags! Or, you may realize that you’re tangoing with trouble and fall right into that strangely seductive trap anyway. Conversely, celestial CIA agent Pluto could churn up your suspicious streak in love. One questionable action may cause you to shut it down with someone who’s been vying for your affections. Or, you could have a “past attack” and suddenly start projecting the misdeeds of a toxic ex onto your (innocent, probably) amour du jour. Meet a levelheaded friend for an emergency vino or coffee date to sort it out, stat. If you’ve become a little too wrapped up in your partner’s problems, pull back and do you early this week. Space IS a good thing when you’ve wandered too far into the couple bubble.

Perspective returns on Wednesday, as a balancing quarter moon lands in Pisces and your expansive ninth house, widening your focus. This lunar lift nudges you to take concrete action—especially when it comes to bigger life plans. If you’re starting (or operating) a business, now’s the time to register a domain name, check out new WordPress themes or sign up for any necessary certification courses. Pick out vacation dates and request the time off while also checking out adventure tourism—that diving trip to the Maldives maybe? Just take SOME tangible action to prove to the universe that you’re serious about your dreams and ready for some cosmic co-piloting. Conversely, if you’ve been traveling constantly or in nonstop motion, bring balance by slowing down and solidifying your connections to the folks who are holding down the fort. A little face time (or FaceTime, if you just can’t get back to base) will do wonders to keep the dream team’s support at your back!

An objective sounding board will come in handy on Thursday when foggy Neptune clashes with the Sun in your twelfth house. Suddenly, even the most logical statements will come out sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher—and your own thinking could get fuzzier than a plush toy. Under this heavenly haze, it’s true that things may not be as they appear. People (even you) could make promises that they can’t keep. But before you turn a molehill into a mountain, get the facts. Hey, maybe these pie-in-the-sky fantasies CAN come true, but don’t forget to discuss logistics. When you’re enraptured by a vision or excited about an idea, the next step would be to map out the tangible process needed to bring it to life. Then, go research things like costs and production specs and you’ll know whether or not this is a worthwhile investment of your energy. Spoiler alert: You may be in for a pleasant surprise!


Be still thy bleeding heart—and maybe apply a little triage, while you’re at it. Ever since Venus plunged into Cancer and your empathetic twelfth house on May 19 your boundless compassion has gotten a workout. Since then, you’ve been everybody’s favorite shoulder to cry on. And if one more person sends you a link to a GoFundMe campaign, you might just explode… As much as you love being there for people, the rescuer role is starting to wear thin. Saying no will be a lot easier on Tuesday, June 5 as rigid Pluto in Capricorn and your sensible sixth house throws up a boundary to generous Venus. Under this annual opposition, the benefits of setting limits will be obvious. Turn down people who don’t light your fire and projects that aren’t in your wheelhouse. In so doing, you’ll open up space for the RIGHT things to flow in. The struggle is real, Leo, but it might also be optional. Pause productivity and do some project management. Are you prioritizing the right missions? And do you have adequate support lined up to pull them off successfully? If you assemble the right team, letting go will be a lot easier. Set criteria for your collaborators and don’t cut them any slack. It’s not about being a taskmaster, but rather, making sure that you’re set up to win!

You work hard for your money, Leo, but is your money working hard for you? Wednesday’s quarter moon in your eighth house of investments could inspire you to raise your fiscal IQ. If you’ve just been tucking funds into a general checking account, start siphoning off more for savings each paycheck—or better yet funnel it into a diversified investment account or a mutual fund. Compounding interest is the way to maximize your cash, Leo, even if you don’t have much to set aside. Have it auto-transferred from each check. If you don’t see it, you won’t spend it on yet another Xhilaration bikini when you were only supposed to be picking up lawn chairs on that Target run. The eighth house also rules emotional investments, so be prepared for your personal life to get a little more intense. A newish relationship could level up to exclusive status or you may have to set a few things straight with a slacking S.O. All partnerships come with challenges, and you need to accept that you are not likely to be the one and only exception in the history of love. Remember: Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so give yourselves a little space to miss each other. Master the element of surprise by doing sweet (and sexy) things when your partner least expects it.

On Thursday, you could feel pressured to take sides when the Sun in your teamwork zone shifts into a tricky square (90-degree angle) with compassionate Neptune. As much as you want to remain Switzerland-neutral, that position may leave a loved one feeling bereft of allies. Be wary of getting involved in groups that seem to flock together over drama. Their ups and downs might seem exciting—at first—but will ultimately prove toxic to your happiness. Stick with your tried-and-true “high-vibes” tribe, even if you sometimes feel they’re a teeny bit woo-woo. As the week winds down, take gossip with a grain of salt, regardless of how straight-up the source might seem. Conversely, don’t tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth to everyone you meet. Trust your gut as to whom you can confide in. If something feels off, dial it WAY back.


First order of business this week: Google yourself. Do you like what comes up? (And, uh, does anything need to come DOWN, like now?) Radiant Venus is midway through her four-week tour of your eleventh house of community and technology. Whatever you post could literally go viral—from a hilarious Tweet to a video of savvy, compelling you. This Tuesday, June 5 refining your online presentation is all the more important as Venus forms an exact opposition to mysterious Pluto in Capricorn and your image-conscious fifth house. Arousing curiosity—while also maintaining confidentiality—is an art form. But it’s one your coyly seductive sign can master pretty easily. Fire up people’s imaginations. You could literally spark a craze! If you’re dating digitally, show your range with a solid mix of sexy AND keep-it-real snaps. In a relationship? Listen, support and yes, step in when it’s time to be a team player. But let your other half take command of their own issues. Playing Coach Virgo can be a libido-crusher. And with vengeful Pluto butting heads with Venus, pushing the wrong buttons could elicit some harsh clapbacks from bae. If you’re having issues in your relationship, try to hash it out between the two of you…before venting to your best friends. A text sent to your squad in a moment of frustration may wind up on the wrong screen—agh!

Wednesday’s quarter moon in compassionate Pisces can bring equilibrium to relationships that have fallen out of balance. That said, if you’re feeling pressured to get more serious about a particular connection and your heart is flashing a yellow light, do NOT hit the accelerator. Pump the brakes; test the waters. Make sure there’s enough flow built in to preserve your personal freedom. If the other party expects you to be on call 24/7, eventually you’re going to feel trapped. In a professional setting, before you go all in, is there a way to work together on a trial basis to see how your energies and work styles mesh? How does the other person handle stress? Criticism? Are they willing to put in the hours required to make this thing not only achieve liftoff, but to soar?

Come Thursday, you’ll be ready to downshift—and perfect timing. A disruptive square from quixotic Neptune throws the Sun off his goal-focused game. The very people you need to help you advance may prove uncooperative or unreliable. Rally Team Virgo as best you can, but accept the fact that some things are beyond even your control. Warning: You may feel pressure to prove yourself to a colleague by taking on extra work, even assignments that cut into your weekend. A rule of thumb worth remembering? If you have to sacrifice an important plan or your commitment to self-care, you’re probably on the wrong path. Honoring your highest values is the path to long-term victory for your ethical sign.


Are your aspirations causing perspiration, Libra? Garrulous Venus (your ruler) is deep into her annual tour of Cancer and your career-obsessed tenth house. Power lunches, pitch meetings, networking events—strategic socializing has been the name of the game since May 19. But on Tuesday, June 5 Venus will sit directly opposite plumb-the-depths Pluto, who is on a slow roll through Capricorn and your home and family zone. Before you break another sweat—and totally throw off that delicate work-life balance—hit pause and regain equilibrium. Maybe you’ve been so busy with your hustle that your inner circle has wound up shortchanged. Planetary oppositions can shake things up and force you to recalibrate. Take time to realign your priorities, however YOU define them. For your convivial sign, nurturing business relationships is always part of the master plan for success. But beyond the sizzle, you also have to bring the steak. If you’re behind on emails and decks, use the early half of the week to handle the “deskwork” duties you’ve been putting off. (Or, delegate them!) Need help getting your missions to the finish line? Someone from your friend group or family might be the perfect candidate for part-time support.

Wednesday’s galvanizing quarter moon in Pisces fires up your sixth house of wellness and fitness. Lace up your running shoes or unfurl your yoga mat—and how about doing either in the park? Considering your sign’s love of luxuriating, it’s almost required that you start nice and easy so you’ll be motivated to stay the course and slowly ramp it up. Invest in appropriate (and fashion-forward) gear and figure out which teachers rock the best playlists. (Music is everything to a Libra!) Quarter moons are about taking a moderate, balanced approach. So, whether in the gym or the kitchen, avoid anything extreme like a half-marathon training or Master Cleanse. Because the sixth house also rules organization, this is a great time to clean your spaces, especially your work areas. Can any of your systems use a little upgrade? Consider going paperless—and shredding documents you no longer need. If this sort of project overwhelms you, hire an organizer to come in and do the whole thing for you, creating streamlined systems you can maintain yourself.

Reserve the latter part of the week for a little soul searching. On Thursday the Sun, which governs your ego, locks into an unsettling angle with Neptune, the ruler of your subconscious. A situation may arise that forces you to examine beliefs and behaviors that are impeding your growth. These might even be “disguised” as positive or helpful traits that are actually hindrances. For example, have you become attached to an image of yourself as a “woke” or compassionate person to such a degree that you can no longer see your own shadow? This transit, while slightly unmooring, is actually a helpful wake-up call, especially for Libras who feel compelled to keep the peace at any price (including your own happiness). Near Thursday, you may become more authentic about your feelings instead of sweeping the negative ones—like anger, resentment or envy—under the rug. You don’t have to put these revelations on blast or even spring into any sort of action. For now, it might be enough to just admit them to yourself and a couple inner-circle supporters. It’s only when you can ‘fess up to feeling unhappy, frustrated or worn out that you can begin to actually DO something about it.


Silencing your suspicious mind? That won’t be easy near Tuesday, June 5 as romantic Venus gets into a tug-of-war with your ruler, complex, seductive Pluto. With Venus in sensitive Cancer and your expansive ninth house, a minor issue could balloon into a ginormous debate. And it doesn’t help that snarky Pluto is in Capricorn and your sharp-tongued third. Argh! You might get the last word in, but at what cost? Even spilling tea to a “neutral” third party could be the coup de grace to an important relationship if word gets back you were gossiping. Your best line, in fact, may be the one you scribble in your journal but never, EVER say aloud. The goal should be finding win-wins and seeking to understand. That’s actually how you’ll get your hands back on the wheel. If necessary, take a time out so you can reflect on this conflict from a philosophical perspective. Why is this situation popping up in your life at this moment in time? What is the greater message it’s revealing? A change in trajectory or tact may be necessary. Perhaps it’s time to let go of “fixing” this situation and give yourself the freedom to explore a wider range of options. Traveling or studying could be part of that game plan, as well as the exploration of a few independent pursuits.

Your romantic life gets a shot in the arm on Wednesday, when an energizing quarter moon in Pisces powers up your fifth house of amour. Single? This harmonizing phase helps you put yourself out there again, with a renewed enthusiasm for the dating game. Attached but in a romantic rut? Do something wildly unpredictable to catch your sweetie off-guard in the most seductive way: an overnight at a boutique hotel with in-room spa services or tickets to see your favorite local band performing live. Use this balancing moon to objectively examine how you “do” relationships. If you’re light on intimacy but heavy on drama, hit reset. Let your S.O. finish what he or she has to say before you rush to react or give feedback. Even if your concerns are valid, listening without interruption will show you care, and earn you a similar courtesy in return. This Pisces moon could also nudge you into spotlight. Memo to modest Scorpios: Dimming your lights won’t help others shine. Turn up your beams and you’ll be able to illuminate the great work of others, along with your own.

No matter how directly you’re expressing yourself, on Thursday your message may be muddled, thanks to a perplexing square between the Sun and deceptive Neptune. MAYBE someone is flirting with you—or maybe they’re just like that with everyone. And when you think you’re being straightforward in your response, it just gets even more ambiguous. Don’t fall for a charmer who can’t back up the bold talk. On the flip side, don’t overlook a quiet but smoldering hottie. The quiet ones will surprise you. But hold off on making one of your signature Scorpio seduction moves until you are 100 percent sure that everyone is on the same page about what this actually is. One of you could be thinking “one-and-done hookup” while the other has already started a “Boho-Chic Weddings” Pinterest board. Yikes! If you’re in a relationship, watch out for unspoken assumptions about your partner that could undermine happiness. Approach your S.O. with “beginner’s mind,” that is, with the same curiosity and open-mindedness you brought to your first (or okay, Scorpio, your third) date. You might discover a whole new dimension to bae!


Should you play it safe or dance a little closer to the edge? On Tuesday, June 5 seductive Venus in Cancer and your obsessive eighth house faces off with volcanic Pluto in Capricorn and your sensible second. One minute you’re longing to feel rooted, the next, you’re restless and freaked out about being “trapped” by routine. Take those emotions to the gym or burn them off with one of your marathon urban hikes. (Just don’t stop to shop as you go.) What you need, once you’ve cooled down, is to formulate a savvier long-term plan. Since Venus and Pluto are in your money houses, begin with your finances. Maybe you can’t shop with unfettered abandon at Whole Foods because you’re saving up for grad school or a mortgage. (At the very least, weigh that bag of organic peaches before you hit the register!) But simplifying doesn’t have to mean deprivation. Some luxuries might be paid for by bartering services or a work study. Romantically, the Venus-Pluto opposition can leave you at the mercy of your libido. You don’t have the best self-control on the average day, Archer, but this is one week where you’ll want to stay miles away from temptation. An “innocent” thread with an ex could heat up into something far more nefarious. If the coast is clear though, you’ll have a memorable entry for your locked diary near Tuesday. In a relationship? Figuring out how to share resources might bring up some buried resentment and anger—but it’s also good to get it on the table. Just take a cool down break if tempers start to flare.

Wednesday’s quarter moon in Pisces can help restore equilibrium close to home. Take time to tidy up and beautify with plants, crystals and textiles. Feeling stuck or unmotivated? Try a little Feng Shui to get your chi flowing again. Take a peek at a bagua map, then move objects around to shift the energy wherever it’s needed: in the corner representing your career, money or relationship. Pro tip: If you don’t want emotional baggage invading your romantic life, get those purses and suitcases out of your love corner! You’ve got nothing to lose by moving things around, and maybe placing a more romantically symbolic object there. The fourth house governs family, so reach out to your inner circle to let them know they’re on your mind. If you don’t have time for a long text thread, get a lunch (or Skype) date on the books.

But come Thursday, a perplexing square between the Sun in your interpersonal corner and fuzzy Neptune in your emotional fourth house could make it challenging to get your point across. You might even swallow your truth because you’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. But YOUR feelings also matter, Archer, so honor their validity. Just start by writing them in your journal or sounding them out with your therapist. Then, assess: Are you making any assumptions about the offending party? While their actions may have triggered you, their motives might be pure. Same goes for simmering attractions. There’s no denying the heart, which wants what it wants. But how can you tell if the object of your affections is on the same wavelength? The smoke-machine effect of a Sun-Neptune square can make it impossible to accurately read the tea leaves. Relying on an unspoken allure or trying to intuit what someone else is feeling is a recipe for a meltdown. Coming out and asking under a Neptune transit probably won’t be helpful, either. Our suggestion? Try to enjoy the suspense, and wait until the weekend to broach the matter!


When you love people, Capricorn, you instinctively want to be there for them—even if they haven’t asked you for support (yet). But while you’re busy intuiting everyone else’s needs, have you forgotten to pay attention to your own? Interrupt that sacrificial cycle this Tuesday, June 5 as transformational Pluto in Capricorn and your house of self-love faces off with Venus in your partnership zone. The time has come to tune in to your own emotions…before they erupt like a volcano or you crash out of sheer exhaustion. If someone you care for has been making a lot of demands lately, set some limits. But first, take a breather and get centered. While we’re not recommending you ghost, it’s okay to sleep on it before you answer their non-emergent messages. Worst case scenario, they’ll be a little pissed and you’ll have the perfect entryway into a conversation about expectations. Best case? They’ll have figured out a solution on their own, letting you off the hook for playing savior!

Wednesday’s quarter moon in touchy-feely Pisces powers up your third house of communication and gives you the confidence to speak your peace. (Or at least the understanding that the longer you put it off, the harder it will get.) So dive in and get the dialogue going. Don’t lead with the heaviest part of your message. Use la luna’s thought-clarifying powers to find the perfect entry point that will allow you to articulate without putting the other party on the defensive. This is an excellent day for writers, or would-be authors, to get your work out there, even if it’s just an impassioned posting to your social network. If partnerships have been off-kilter lately, this moon can bring some restorative, cooperative vibes. Sit down for a heart-to-heart and make a point of giving each other a safe space to express yourselves. Pro tip: Make a rule that one person talks at a time with no interrupting. You might even try the mirroring technique. Before you reflexively respond, repeat back what the other person said to confirm that you heard them correctly. So validating!

On Thursday, signals may scramble again as the Sun in Gemini and your detail-driven sixth house gets thrown off by fuzzy Neptune in your indecisive third. Simply figuring out what to wear for the day could take five times longer than usual! Under this fluctuating formation, we recommend bringing at least one outfit change in your bag. Even if it’s not your mood or fashion sense that shifts, your previously scheduled agenda could. Don’t be rigid about changing plans. A last-minute invite may bring a powerful opportunity to mingle with influencers, even if you weren’t technically “prepared” to be in beast mode when you stepped out in the morning. And don’t resist when a friend asks to bring a plus-one along for pre-scheduled weekend plans. There could be serious synergy to explore between you and this mystery guest.


So many details, so little time! With visualizer Venus parked in Cancer and your selective sixth house from May 19 to June 13, your eyes will pick up every little flourish…and flaw. But that doesn’t mean you should stop to fluff them or attempt to curate to perfection. Choose your battles! On Tuesday, June 5 Venus parks directly opposite transformational Pluto in your twelfth house of release. Hit the brakes and make a list of all the responsibilities that you’ve heaped onto your plate. Then, pinpoint which ones are actually “mission critical” and which might have to wait until next season. Why the stressful timelines anyway? Sure, YOLO and FOMO and all that good stuff, but the pressure you’re heaping onto yourself could be stealing your enjoyment of these enriching activities. Better you should take your time and have fun every step of the way, then create a picture-perfect life that makes you want to bolt out of the frame. Has someone in your life been holding you to impossibly high standards? Or maybe they keep tapping you for bottomless refills of support without giving the same in return. It’s boundary time, Aquarius. Demand the respect you deserve and if you can’t get it, ghost. The Venus-Pluto opposition could send up a self-care warning flare. Before you make another social plan, hit the spin studio or the spa—or both!

Ready, set, organize! Of course no fun-loving Aquarius wants to take time out of an action-filled week to park herself at the computer and manage funds, pay bills, balance the checkbook and make sure the terms of the insurance policy are in order. And yet these things have to get done. Wednesday’s quarter moon in your systematic second house motivates you to take care of business. And what sweet relief you’ll feel once you’re finished. Bear in mind that you don’t have to do everything ASAP—just making a serious dent in that pile of bills will be more than significant. La luna can also help raise your financial IQ. How much do you really know about investments like stocks, bonds, IRA’s and mutual funds? Chances are your money could be working a lot harder for you than it currently is—the name of the game is compounding interest. Check out sites like The Daily Worth or pick up a Suze Orman book to master the basics. Consider automated deductions: You won’t miss what you never see!

On Thursday, you may be craving single-barrel bourbon from the topmost shelf, but would you be better off sticking to a beer-and-burgers budget? The Sun in your hedonistic fifth house might not be able to overcome a tense square from boundary-less Neptune in your second house of finances. If you’re struggling to make ends meet or just saving up for something more meaningful (like plane tickets or an apartment reno), leave your credit cards at home and put yourself on a “cash diet.” Can’t resist a splurge? Make sure you know the store’s return policy before you dip that chip card. With hazy Neptune in the frame, buyer’s remorse may kick in the minute you hang that graphic art print on the wall and realize that you could have made the same thing by yourself in Photoshop. Challenge yourself to try the delayed gratification route. Put those must-haves on hold or save them in your art file. If you can’t stop thinking about it by the weekend, then maybe it SHOULD be yours.


Quick reminder, Pisces: When you compare you despair. So, you should do everything in your power to avoid that trap this Tuesday, June 5 when alluring Pluto in Capricorn and your eleventh house of groupthink sits directly opposite Venus in your flamboyant fifth. Sure, this is a fine week for drawing inspiration from the hive mind and style blogs. But if you spend too much time on this “research,” you might leave yourself with a case of impostor syndrome. The desire to fit in is utterly human—but at what price? Should you find yourself maxing out your MasterCard to keep up with the Kardashian-Jenners, you’ve made a wrong turn. There’s no end to that competition, Pisces. Step out quickly before you drain your reserves—and worse, forget YOUR unique brand of magic in the process. Shift the focus to developing your creative gifts, avoiding the herd mentality at all costs. P.S.: You don’t have to record every moment on social media, especially if you’re still deep in your process. Without the pressure of an audience, you’ll feel much freer to make “mistakes,” one of which could bring an epic breakthrough!

Wednesday’s quarter moon in Pisces can help you overcome shyness or modesty—or fear of being seen for all you are. If you’re used to being a team player but have been thinking about launching a solo venture, this lunar energy could provide a strong tailwind. Fire off an inquiry email, ask a friend for a personal referral or hire someone to do some social media promotion for you. While this quarter moon fosters independence, it’s worth asking yourself whether you might be doing a little too much by your lonesome. Pay attention to which of your regular tasks are turning into joyless time-sucks. Those are the first things you should think about delegating or outsourcing—or letting go of altogether. If you don’t have the funds to pay a pro, consider the barter system as a means of funding this. Maybe one of your friends loves to cook as much as you enjoy doing laundry. A little trade-off may be a fun experiment. What’s the big deal of tossing a few extra loads in the wash for her if it means enjoying home-cooked dinners that only need to be heated up before you enjoy?

On Thursday, you may have no choice but to deal with a family issue. Chalk it up to the Gemini Sun in your fourth house taking a nerve-wracking hit from crisis-junkie Neptune in your sign. Keep your emotional satellite tower activated and ready to tune in to a female friend or relative’s manipulations. While this person might be in a legit crisis, remember that the best support is the kind that empowers rather than enables dependency. Help her think through her options, but allow HER to come up with possible solutions. The answers people devise for themselves are the ones that tend to stick, after all. Then again, your best line of defense may be to mute those family text threads and get thee to the day spa. First, give your inner circle a heads-up that, for anything other than a true emergency, you’re off duty until next week!

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