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You Should Focus On Finding Who You Really Are Instead Of Trying To Find Love

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we were kids, the worlds of most of us were revolving around love.

Openly for some, secretly for others, we all wish to be loved. However, one problem is that we tie up in that seeking of love from other people so that we forget that we should love ourselves first.

These are the 11 reasons why we will have everything that we need to be really happy if we love ourselves first:

Love ourselves first

This is a piece of really good advice. We have to understand ourselves before we try to understand others. How are we going to give those people the love that they deserve when we do not have enough love for ourselves?

Avoid heartbreaks

When we are searching for real love, it is simply inevitable that someone will lie to us, and we will have our heart broken. We can’t easily realize who is really genuine and sincere, but if we take the things slowly, we are going to find it quite easier to notice serious intentions.

Love is not everything

Magazines, movies, and even societies tell that love is everything that we need in this world. However, love is not really everything we are ever going to need, and we should make it our goal instead of our focus. Of course, that love feels amazing, and it is awesome. Spending our life with the true love we always deserved is also beautiful; however, there are things which may be more important than love – we should understand that we are just as significant.

Love will happen when nobody will be looking

We were all sometimes searching for something special, and the next day we spot hundreds such options. Dating happens in this way too – it is when we least expect it that the right person will come along – we have to be prepared for it.

Love also takes really hard work

Love is worth the suffering, but it will not come easily. We have to be prepared for the hard times to receive those that are great. Some matters such as marriage, children and also finances are enormous decisions, so that when things are messed, hard times may come. To make our love last, we have to learn the ways we can focus on ourselves, for now, to later focus on both of us.

Love may distract us from our goals

When we are focused on our relationship, we may find it hard to go to graduate school or travel. It will be easier to achieve our goals when we aren’t tied down. In fact, who knows, we may find our special one in the middle of all this, and he or she may share identical passions as us.

We are going to a much better partner

Our lives are our great teachers, and a lot of lessons it teaches us are about what else but love. Conflicts with our co-workers will teach us about, resolution, communication, and respect – things we actually need in one relationship.

Relationships are equal to compromise

When we have finally met a person, and everything seems to become serious, we are going to discover that it is never going to work without any compromise. This can be hard if our ideas related to our lives are different from the ones of our partner, so we should take this particular time in order to take a new job, and move somewhere else. Of course, a great person is going to do all this for and also with us, but for the moment, we should focus on ourselves, and be selfish.

We are always going to have ourselves

Love partners will appear and disappear, but we are always going to have ourselves. Through every low and high, bad or good, and even pretty disappointing, we are always going to be our best companion.

We will not be single all the time

At a certain point in our lives, the right person will appear and sweep us off our feet. We will feel like we are living in a fairytale; however, that may not occur at the moment. When we are single, we feel free, so we should enjoy it.

Casual dating

This kind of dating may be fun. One thing that it may teach us is what we don’t want in someone, and there is no harm in such a thing. We could meet different individuals, and this is going to help us understand what we are after in them.

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