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A Full-Moon Crystal Ritual For Transcending Negativity

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by Nisonja McGary

Not only is the full moon the brightest of all the moon phases, but it also has the potential to fill us with profound emotional awareness and creativity. And this beautiful moon is now upon us yet again.

Think of tonight’s lunar event as an opportunity to let go and dispel anything that no longer serves you—a perfect milestone as we transition into fall and reflect whether we are on track or falling behind. Healing crystals can be amazing tools to help you tap into the full moon’s restorative power.

I recently used crystals to welcome a full moon that fell right before my 40th birthday. The journey to that big day was at times overwhelming, at times surreal, at times filled with laughs and at others with tears. But the crystals helped me maintain a firm belief in my intentions and the power of positivity to continuously brighten my days. They prepared me for the changes I wanted to welcome into my life during this personal new year.

Here are a few crystal rituals that can help you harness the moon’s power tonight.

1. Crystal cleansing:

Crystals can be used any day of the year to balance the aura and represent intentions that remind us of our goals and get us on a productive path. However, they need to be cleansed from time to time. Crystals absorb and hold unique energies—both positive and negative. Like people, they need to be cleared of any bad or unwanted vibes and reboot. The full moon is the perfect time to clear a crystal’s energy, refreshing the positive unique energies it holds, so place your crystals outside under the full moon for 24 hours. By waiting a 24-hour period, you’ll make sure the crystals will also harness the happy, healing power of the sun.

2. Crystal fire ceremony:

Fire has been used by ancient healers for hundreds of years. It is a strong tool to cleanse our souls and create change. Once something is burned, it is never the same again. During the full moon, write down all the things that you want to let go of on a piece of paper. Then, place your paper in a fire-safe bowl or pit (do this outside) and burn it until it has completely turned to ashes. The smoke will rise and disappear into the air, symbolizing the negative thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. To enhance the energy of letting go, place a crystal next to your bowl or in your palm while your paper is burning.

3. Crystal check-in:

During a full moon, one must take a symbolic step toward an intention—whether it’s to become healthier, more positive, or more responsible. This is the time to take the serious step. When we take a deep look within ourselves, we will find that at times we carry the weight of burdens that we must let go of. Created with meaning and intention, crystals are natural relics from the earth that can aid in the creation of inner balance and peace.

About the Author: Celebrity stylist Nisonja McGary founded Mahana in 2013, a handcrafted artisan jewelry collection purposefully created for you to set your deepest intentions with every piece.

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