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Venus Enters Gemini This Week: Love Life Transitions And Clarity

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Venus left Taurus for intellectually sophisticated Gemini on the 24th, ushering in a rather different experience compared to the quiet, unfaltering vibe of her transit of Taurus. One that feeds on the potential for erotic and emotional fulfillment hidden in mental stimulation.

Venus in Gemini is lively and restless, and her airy dynamism awakens the desire to intellectually fathom the whys and wherefores of our Love Life, but also of our own preferences, tastes and inclinations, as well as our partner’s.

Venus in Gemini challenges us to up our own critical thinking skills and our learning abilities. She prompts us to loosen our grip and embrace our hopes, fears and desires, so that we can freely and openly share them with those we Love.

Intellectually digging into a partner’s thoughts and feelings is one of the most powerful shortcuts to the kind of Soul-shaking intimacy most of us crave. The most successful relationships, which, yes, include our relationship with the multiple facets of ourselves we carry within, involve upfront, honest, proactive communication.

It’s about never taking anything for granted – not our own values and how they evolve over time, nor our partner’s needs, wants and their progressive unfolding, as well. Paying attention to the pace of our own growth and our partner’s is an act of love and self-love.

Venus in Gemini loves to engage in dialogue; she learns by reaching out, and delights in the art of conversation. While she floats through this spirited, loquacious sign, we rediscover the joy and pleasure in experiencing the communion of minds, the lovemaking between intellects, the attraction arising from mutual intellectual stimulation.

Most importantly, Venus in Gemini helps us collecting information about ourselves, our role in our most important relationships, and our partners, in the most amusing, pleasant way possible (Gemini Venus keeps it light, even though light-hearted questions might bring out heavy answers from time to time).

Gemini is also the sign of choices, and we might find that, from that load of information, new and fresh options might materialize for us to explore. Suddenly, we might realize there is more to pick from, than we previously assumed: more to appreciate, more to consider, more paths to pleasure, more solutions to our relationship issues, more sides to a story we thought we knew.

Venus leaves Gemini for Cancer on May 18.

To see what your zodiac sign can expect from this shift, read below:


With Venus in Gemini, you’ll have a much clearer idea of what you want and what you don’t. It’s like a light gets switched on, and everything you were unsure of before is now obvious to you. People you were having a hard time walking away from are easier to leave and potential romances you’ve been glossing over will suddenly become apparent to you.


Venus has been in your sign since March 31st and it juuust moved out. What this means for you is clarity. Venus in Taurus is very sensual and clouds the selfish part of your mind mind, forcing you to put other people before yourself. With this new sense, look at the past month and take note of what you’ve lost sight of. You’ll have some backtracking to do this month.


Finally, Venus is in your sign from now until May 19th, so I hope you’re ready for a month full of lovin’. Chances are you won’t have much time to catch your breath, so schedule at least one chill day for yourself a week. With a finger in every pie, you’re the center of everyone’s focus. While that’s exciting, it’s exhausting.


Because your sun is in one of the most serious, Venus in Gemini can actually be very relaxing for you. Suddenly arguments or confrontations that once seemed relationship-ending become witty banter. You’re sharper than usual and more alert, leading you to joke and make light of things instead of stressing over them.


People always talk about how hard being single is, but nobody ever talks about how hard dating is! When Venus is in Gemini, everyone is trying to win over everyone else so your competition is stiffer than usual. A confident sign, you may be knocked down a few notches in the coming month but don’t let it break you. Instead, learn from your experiences and become a more interesting partner.


Venus is the planet of love and attraction, but it can also be the planet of repulsion. As a Virgo, you’re overly critical of others, leading you to shut down relationships before they even start. Too bad the only thing flightier than you is Venus in Gemini. In the coming months I challenge you to ask yourself why you’re running. Are you really not into them? Or are you just too scared to be?


Ah, the moment spring hits, Venus is in Gemini and nobody wants to be tied down — so you better watch your crush. However, just because they’re talking to other people doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in you. Maybe they’re trying to make you jealous! There’s nothing more tempting than someone who has a million other options at their fingertips, after all. Make yourself seen.


Everyone loves to gloss over deeper issues when Venus is in Gemini. While this will be tempting to you, I urge you to resist. Sure, you can breeze over them and lose something really great so you can enjoy something sweet and immediate but when Venus moves out of Gemini, you’ll regret it. The hardest conversations are often the most important ones. They’re what make us actually fall in love.


A flighty sign, Venus in Gemini will tempt you in ways you didn’t think possible. Everyone will look like a potential mate and everything will turn you on. That said, make sure you aren’t just choosing the easy way out. Nobody likes to stay in one place for long but if you’re constantly moving, you’ll never build strong connections. It’s uncomfortable sticking around and letting people in, but is it worth it?


Venus in Gemini is actually really great for Capricorns. Because you’re a headstrong, serious sign, you could use a bit of spontaneity in your life and that’s what this will provide. Just because you’re typically uncomfortable taking chances doesn’t mean you’re incapable of doing it. Try not planning anything for once, try just seeing what happens.


Because you’re already one of the most intellectually-stimulating signs, Venus in Gemini will only amplify this. You’ll go from being the smartest, to being the funniest and the smartest and I can’t think of a better combination. Just be cautious not to be too confrontational in your banter. Someone might walk away thinking you only see them as a friend. Don’t be afraid to touch their arm or toss in a wink.


Venus in Gemini will be great for you because it’ll take you out of your emotions. You tend to get super wrapped up in relationships — even at early stages — and this has a pattern of scaring less emotionally available people away. But Gemini is chatty and fun, meaning you’ll have the best of both worlds. You’ll be emotional, but not too emotional. Funny, but not too light. You still want them to know you’re interested.

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