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Be Careful Of These Feng Shui Mistakes

by Conscious Reminder

Feng Shui is a very crucial and intricate concept and so it is important to be careful about certain things when practicing it. Make sure you are not making any mistakes by checking out the following common errors:

1. Placing Mirrors in Bedrooms

You might know that mirrors are effective in the creation of good energy or chi in rooms but it’s best to not place a mirror in the bedroom. It disrupts your REM causing trouble sleeping. It might also cause extra marital affairs or infidelity in relationships.

Those who have mirrors in their bedrooms should make sure not to keep it across the bed and also to keep it covered with a cloth at night when they go to bed.

2. Televisions in Bedrooms

We should not keep televisions in bedrooms because they release a lot of negative ionic energy charges that may cause disturbances in your sleep.

Keeping your television in a closed cabinet during bedtime is the best way to avert the situation or balancing the negative energy with plenty of trees and flowers is also effective.

3. Keeping stuff under the bed

Storing things under the bed is the easiest way to handle your belongings but it’s not so good for the chi. There should be lower chi activity in the bedroom but we must ensure that it still moves.

Storing things under the bed causes the chi to still which leads to disturbed sleep and health issues.

4. Keeping shoes near the front door or hallway

It’s common habit to open your shoes at the front door while entering someone’s home but it’s advised not to leave them there as good energy also enters through that space.

It won’t be right to obstruct the entry of good chi with a lot of shoes, as it activates the negative energy residing on the shoes, causing diseases.

5. Home devoid of plants and pets

Life and vitality results in positive energy and chi. Having plants or pets is the best method to increase the good vibrations in your home.

Keep plants like peace lily or snake plant which don’t need much care. Dogs or cats as pets are good but aquariums or birds also bring good energy.

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