How The Food We Consume Affects Our Spiritual Growth

by Conscious Reminder

The relationship you share with your food has a major bearing on the development of your spirit.

Most individuals usually miss out on the importance of nourishment when it comes to spiritual growth. Remember, we might be a lot more than the body we are born with- but it is still our only vessel.

There are different kinds of food that have different impacts on our spiritual development. When we consume foods that are processed, the vibration of our spirit becomes less.

On the other hand, bringing out one-ingredient foods actually helps in increasing one’s vibration. If you eat whole foods, you will notice a certain amount of calm spreading through your body.

In the event that you are trying to work yourself on the path of spirituality, the best thing to do would be to explore your own relationship with food.

Since food acts as a major doorway towards one’s spiritual development, it becomes very important for one to go through this rite of passage. You will be surprised to know that our habits and beliefs are usually replicated in what we eat.

Let’s see how eating good food impacts our overall spiritual well-being.

Eating And How It Puts Vivid Emotions To The Forefront

You might have an inkling of the kind of food that you should eat for spiritual growth- but do you always follow through? Emotions are one of the reasons why we disregard the plan before us- we try to deal with our cravings, completely missing out on the main point.

Several times, you would be asked to understand and accept your feelings- but how would you do so when you keep drowning them through processed foods?

If you could untangle the knots of your cravings, you would see that your cravings won’t have any impact on you- if you don’t let them.

It is true that most of us believe nutrition to be an extremely confusing aspect of our lives- especially because of fad diets and the like. As it goes, most of the diets end up missing several key components. Some even end up being bad for your body.

When you are looking into a diet that is going to help you in the long run, think about what your body needs. Fad diets are fine for those with a specific body type. Your body type is different.

As it goes, there is no way anything processed would be better than whole foods that you get from nature. All you need to do is look.

Busy Lives And An Eating Schedule

It is quite difficult to maintain both a busy schedule and still eat a balanced diet. But, it is not impossible. First, you need to understand that you would need to eat around 5 times a day. Plan your meals accordingly- because you have to eat 5 times without starving, or over-eating.

There are a few ways through which you can minimize kitchen work. 

1: Start clearing out your kitchen- keep handy things nearby.

2: A grocery list needs to be made and stuck to a wall. Don’t diverge from it. Plan how much you need to last the entire week, and buy it at one go. Sure, it would be spending quite a lot of time on one day- but you will be free the rest of the days.

3: Bring in your family to help you out.

4: You can either cook something complex- with a lot of ingredients. Or, you could cook something simple like a meal of baked chicken, green beans, and sea salt.

5: Fix time schedules that suit you. If you want to buy your stuff on Friday, and cook on Sunday, then stick to that. Doing everything on a single day would definitely make you cranky throughout.

6: Cooking should not be thought of as a chore- enjoy it.

7: Since most of what you cook will definitely last for half a week, you could try bringing the other half out sometime in the middle of the week to put it back again in the freezer.

Bring changes in your diet if you want a change in your spiritual development. The connection that food shares with spirituality is real, and it affects us more than one actually thinks.

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