Here’s What You Need To Know To Attract Your True Love

by Conscious Reminder

Are you the kind of person who daydreams about that magical moment when you meet your soulmate and everything would come to a standstill?

When you look into their eyes and just know that this is it! They are the one. And you see the same reflected in their eyes too. But the question is, are you simply hoping for it and not working towards it?

It might sound a little strange at first glance to be talking about ‘preparing’ for love. Shouldn’t it be spontaneous and magical and just the right thing? Well, how would you know it is right until you have a clue about what is right?

Do you know what kind of a partner are you looking for? Unless you know what you want, how will you know if it walks right in front of you?

Here are 4 steps of self preparation which help you attract the kind of love that is right for you:

1. Love yourself first, all of you

Sometimes when we feel less than perfect, or inadequate, when we don’t particularly like some aspect of our own, we start hiding it. We put up masks. But that is not the way to be. If you live like that you’d always be worried that someone will come along and rip that mask off. Instead, learn to embrace every part of you, whether perfect or not.

2. Pursue your passion

Do you know when do you look the most attractive to others? When you are doing or talking about something you love. Pursue your passion and you will not only attract like-minded people, but also others who just can’t stay away from your charm and enthusiasm.

3. Do yourself what you seek in other

You attract the energy which you give out. If you want a kind, compassionate and calm soul then make sure you are one too. And this can only come from relentless self discipline.

4. Be grateful for yourself

Appreciate everything that you already have. Your health, your friends, your family. Expressing gratefulness is a very positive emotion and it only brings more positivity in life.

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