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Libra Season Is Going To Be A Mixed Bag For The Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

Fall Equinox converges with the beginning of the Libra season on 22nd September. The new moon in Libra will occur on 25th September, ushering in economic prospects and new romance.

The Aries full moon on 9th October encourages us to prioritize ourselves while Virgo re-experiences Mercury retrograde. The planetary moonwalk will re-enter Libra on 2nd October, and a double Venus on 29th September will kick-start Star Point from 22nd October. Read more to know more about your zodiac sign throughout the Libra season. 


Focus on your soul and disconnect from the outer world. Libra season brings you a chance to get intimate with your close-knit circle. Moving beyond your fears will bring good results in the long term. Embarking on new adventures will help you realize your true self. 


Your confusion regarding crucial decisions might get solved by an unconventional approach. Overthinking will only make things unclear, and the puzzle will become complicated. Stepping away and clearing your mind will help understand things in a different light. 


You must look into yourself and focus on the people who matter. Try to maintain an objective perspective on the 22nd of October morning, and don’t let pride and anger cloud your judgment. Value true relationships by embracing love and not taking them for granted. 


Egotistical people might create arguments, and emotions may run high. Libra season requires you to stay calm and take caution in both personal and outside spaces. Since the outer world affects us internally, we must make self-care mandatory. 


Your emotions are very strong, so others must be given time to understand you better. Cosmic vibes have everyone reacting strongly, which may lead to conflicts. Since others are clouded by emotions, you must take this opportunity to solve misunderstandings and bring people together harmoniously. 


Libra season is a bearer of success and happiness in return for your hard work. You must keep working towards your goal, and things will fall into place. Personal growth will occur in leaps and bounds if you embrace things around you in a stable manner. Solar energy urges you to care for everything with a deeper commitment. 


Others seem to have gone past you while you’ve been trying to live ethically. However, don’t let resentment take the better of you since accolades wait for you. Your power status gives you an advantage and you must believe in your creative prowess to take you further than the others can reach. 


Your spirituality will help in achieving prosperity by keeping you grounded. New beginnings will come owing to personal wisdom. This progress will fill your heart with gratitude and take you a step further in life. 


An honest outlook may solve your creative confusion during Libra season. If you remain true to yourself, you can overcome past traumatic experiences and resolve complex situations. Unexpected events might bring positive changes to your life. 


Surprises will hit you from all sides, and you must expect unrest and conflicts in society. You might finally receive the financial aid you’ve been requesting. Gear up to take a significant role as a community leader. 


You must reduce your expenses since Mercury retrograde brings financial crisis on 2nd October. However, life has pros and cons, and this low phase will turn into something positive soon. This is the time to save and make smart investments. 


Rule out conniving people from your life and maintain your idealistic views. Don’t get into confrontations, and utilize your energy and time for transformational activities. Elevate your mind and focus on your inner spirit. 


Twists and turns are a part of Libra season. Although your relationships will thrive, your finances might face a crisis. Be prepared for everything. 

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