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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have Quite A Bumpy Ride This Virgo New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

New Moon always brings with it relief and relaxation. While the Full Moon can be very intense, New Moon is a harbinger of positivity and optimism. However there’s no guarantee that it will always be a symbol for fresh hopes and beginnings.

If the new moon is troublesome, then it might cause problems in your life. It will leave you distraught and lost. Therefore you need to be cautious if you fall under these three zodiac signs, Leo, Aquarius and Pisces which will have a problematic New Moon this year. 

The period will be filled with ups and downs for them which will be a difficult test of their will power and strength. It is assured that they would be under a lot of duress at that point. However, they shouldn’t lose hope as there’s a solution to everything.

Leo Should Re-evaluate Their Thoughts About Money

Although essentially a period of prosperity, the New Moon might make things difficult for you. The phase will occupy your financial conditions and it will draw your attention to your relationship with luxury. You might have been squandering away and not trying to save.

It’s time you become responsible for your funds and think of ways to correct your wrongs. You would need to introspect about your priorities and find a way through the mess that has been made. It’s time to find some balance in your life and plan out your expenses like a mature adult.

Aquarius Should Face Their Fears

Due to the extreme energy flow during the July Blood Moon, Aquarius are still coping with the sudden changes in their lives. The New Moon will place itself where your reformation is based on and so it’s time for you to acknowledge that you have to move on from past incidents. The time has come for you to transform completely and emerge more powerful than before.

In order for that to happen, you must face your monsters within, lurking in the darkness so that you can defeat them and heal. It’s going to be messy and troublesome but it’s something you have to do to get better. This New Moon you will be forced to explore all the skeletons in your closet that you have kept hidden for so long. This will help you accept and love yourself. 

Pisces Will Suffer Inner Conflict Due To Love

This zodiac sign is ruled by Neptune which will be opposed by New Moon in Virgo, which, in turn will create a lot of doubts and confusion in your mind. Neptune will conceal the truth from you, giving you a faulty perspective and thus making your life difficult. The New Moon would affect your relationships, and you would need to get out of it.

You will face problems in sorting out conflicts and thus it will over complicate things. The situation might turn extremely bad and life itself would feel burdensome most of the time. During times like these you have to separate yourself from society a bit and clear your head. Get help from someone you are comfortable with and pour your heart out. This will help you analyse the issue closely and find a proper solution to them.

No matter how hard life gets during this period, never forget that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and things will always work out no matter what.

Believe in yourself, take a deep breath and face your fears even if they seem intimidating. Even if you feel lost and overwhelmed, the Universe will always have your back. Stay strong!

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