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Full Gemini Moon November 23rd: Rational Thinking Vs. Emotional Instincts

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by Conscious Reminder

This November 23rd, the full moon falls at 00 Gemini Decan 1. The Moon is bringing in our unconscious realm into play and the Decan deals with our shadow self. We can’t see or interact with our shadows.

Chances are we’ll project its collective strength onto someone else. The shadow self doesn’t like deep emotions either. Intimacy would be a no-no for you. While you may find the media becoming sentimental over the period it will also be a really great time for fake people to run away with their ugly expression of unrefined feeling.

Some people upon whom the full moon will be blessed might become more patient and will be able to handle other people’s neurosis. But the November full moon is good for it tells people the way things actually are.

The harsh words and insults might just help us to heal our inner shadow self, deep inside. After all, we are always trying to hide from uncomfortable truths – sometimes it’s best if it’s laid out in front of us.

Interaction with Star Alcyone

The central Star of Pleiades in Alcyone. It’s a mysterious one and has deceived us for a long time. If we look at ancient astrology, its actual role was to help humankind and purify the ethereal and astral world. Our devils were supposed to be eradicated by the Pleiades.

It was almost given the role of the chivalrous hero, Perseus, who risked his life to save his lover Andromeda. No wonder most of Perseus can be found in the decan. But the thing is – was he actually saving her or was he pursuing her father for the throne?

Such chivalry is just too unreal and distant from the truth. That’s why Gemini decan 1 has some terrible reputation attached to itself. It has been called indulgent, vain, poetic, dandy and handsome. Like the general archetype of Gemini – it is full of contradictions. It can be both the evil twin and the good twin.

It’s a perpetual battle between the twins and its shadow self. One tries to defeat the other and become that particular darknes it tries to resist. It’s a strange contradiction when victory brings such a death. Alcyone is like that.

As an astrologer says, it can cause eminence, love, smallpox and blindness from fever. It can also cause their natives to become wanton, optimistic or turbulent. While it might give voyages and agricultural success, it can also cause disgrace and death. It’s really evil.

The Face of Gemini

The contradiction between ‘Evil Influence and Evil Disposition’ is something that may have come down to us as a synonym for homosexuality, especially from the time it was illegal and a taboo. After all, it is considered to be a feminine star. Not that it has much to do with being homosexual, but it surely is accepting of people of other genders and different kinds of sexualities.

Pleaides is really up for experiments and not really conventional about gender and sex at all. After all, it gives honour and ambition, neither of which is really great for the opposite sex. You could even say with all those costumes that the Gay pride is really an Alcyone event.

Gemini Decan 1 has the challenge to make sure there’s no more divisiveness between people. Hence Christian fundamentalists and New-age lightworkers can be found here. Chances are that most of the activists, eco-warriors and truth seekers are to be found here. Maybe you can get the liberals looking for peace and political correctness here as well!

The full moon aspect opposite Jupiter

This time the Full moon will have Jupiter on its opposite. That means, the pendulum can swing both ways. You might start saving more or you might spend luxuriously. Bulimia can get to you – either you’ll be feasting or you might start fasting more. The full moon is about habits, but with Jupiter opposite to it, it can become an addiction.

It brings in too much of a hunger for money, love and success. For example, there might be an addiction to sex or gambling. Emotions might be heightened for the fear of being missed. On the other end, you might repress excess emotions so as to not be labelled as attention seekers. The battle between the contradictory twins continues.

Summary of the full moon

This Gemini decan 1 position is really a polarizing one. You can be a bigoted person or even go too far to the left. It’s already showing its effect with the midterm election results – the USA is really very divided. The ones on the left are very Dionysian with a do-what-you will attitude of free love, no borders approach.

On the other hand, there are the conservatives who are really pushing the traditional Christian values. Opposite the liberal Alcyone, there exists the Apollonian Sun in conjunction with Father Jupiter the sign of Patriarchy in his comfortable position, Sagittarius. Yet Jupiter is cursed by the evil star Dschubba in Scorpion’s forehead. Both Son and Father are demonized.

The world’s upside down. We have Trump, a Republican hetero-white-male in power but those who are in support of him are getting banned from YouTube and Twitter. But then again, if Trump is really the dictator as he’s being called, can’t he just stop the censorship?

On the other hand, the Sun signal Kennedy was assassinated releasing the Dionysian wave through the US. Now, our entertainment industry, and popular cultures are completely Dionysian and they really have a say shaping our minds. So how are we going to be shaped?

These are really trying times for all of us and the planets are not showing the best path. It’s time to either choose a direction or introspect to find our own way.

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