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Managing Your Karmic Account

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

No matter which way our life takes us, we are often left shocked by the strange outcomes.

Sometimes we feel it’s extremely unfair to be treated so badly. In other situations we are left jumping with joy because of some unexpected achievement.

Some proverbs perfectly express this situation, “you reap what you sow” or the even more apt, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Diverse situations of unexpected fortunes or misfortunes can be justified only by the concept of Karmic account.

The actions of our past, this birth or previous births, have a direct impact on our present life and also influence our future as our actions at present determine our fortune later.

Analysis says that whatever we do in the present is shaped by our past and in turn shapes our future. Therefore it’s extremely crucial for us to be very careful with what we say and what we do, no matter how insignificant.

So, if you suddenly face a lot of hostility or rudeness from someone, you will be able to understand now that it is the work of karma, the mysterious nature’s rule. Realizing this will actually help you deal with things.

You should not blame yourself for your condition. Therefore spread positivity around you, and don’t fester negativity within, to maintain the balance. Keep working hard and being strong.

Our karmic accounts can transform into critical illness called bhog which we can rectify by settling our karmic debt.

If you get closer to God and fill your life with love and Divine faith, then it will help you to effectively correct your karmic account.

This law of spiritual and real nature is not only determinate, impartial and ruthless but also super important to maintain balance and order in human lives.

You need to meditate and contemplate to understand its depth, especially if you’re grieving. But acceptance will lead to recovery and productivity.

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