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This Is How This Year’s Last Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury rules over everything logistical and mental. The year’s final retrograde of the planet is taking place in Libra.

This means that our social and love lives will be rife with confusion and miscommunication. But, at the same time, this energy can be used to resolve issues from our past in our relationships.

Here is the effect on the different zodiacs due to this retrograde.


The planetary retrograde is taking place in your chart’s partnership sectors. So it will be important to spend time thinking over the effect your words have on your close ones. Unresolved relationship issues may resurface now. This means you must speak the truth, but being compassionate about it will help.


This retrograde will turn your routine upside down. So try adjusting your expectations while giving some leeway to being productive. But accepting these routine shake-ups may help in the long run because it might be a chance for seeing what is working out and what is not.


Your mind may feel a bit sluggish during this time. So you may be forced into pausing your projects of passion. But this break can be a chance to rediscover inspiration sources of the past. Also, be wary of exes asking for one more chance. Only commit to it if you feel the spark.


Your emotions may go a bit funky right now. As a result, your homely groove may be off, and you may find relaxing tough. Deal with this by being straightforward with your family members or roommates to get the support needed.


This retrograde may result in a mess logistically, so there are inevitable delays on the way. Daily communications can get confusing, inboxes can be overflowing, and doing the usual can take double the time. Don’t rush, because slowing down will make your work more efficient and faster.


Your chart’s financial sector is being affected by this retrograde. So stay away from any big purchases right now. Or, the investments may turn out to be something you did not sign up for. This is also an ideal time for reviewing your spending habits and balancing your accounts.


Since this is the sign where Mercury is retrograding, expressing yourself may be more difficult. It might always feel like you are offending someone or misrepresenting your perspective. But overthinking this will only add to your self-consciousness. So trust your inherent diplomacy and charm to deal with any social complications gracefully.


The retrograde will make it difficult to connect with your usual strong intuition. It might also be difficult to hear your subconscious messages. Try journaling to get through the confusion.


Try to stay away from gossip, as hard as it might be for the coming few weeks. Your chart’s social sector is being affected, so being careless may land you in the center of messy friendship dramas. Try to be a mediator instead.


Your professional life is experiencing a storm during the retrograde. So pausing and assessing your current career situation will be beneficial. The retrograde will make errors be overlooked, so spend some more time on the final review of professional projects.


This is not a good time for vacationing or planning big trips. Rather than risk unexpected delays or transportation issues, explore the interests while being closer to home. Revisiting old books or reconnecting with old friends can give you the adventure you are seeking.


Seeing boundaries is usually difficult, and this retrograde will make it even harder. As such, this is not the best time for involving yourself deeply with anyone, whether financially or emotionally. Keep private business private until the Mercury retrograde ends.

This Mercury retrograde will end on 18th October. This means after this, the vacations and the New Year will be free of the antics of Mercury. 

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