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The Four Elements Have The Power To Create Magic

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We live amidst five elements- earth, air, fire, spirit and water. Everything in this Earth operates under a balance of different components. The key is to balance human energies with them to live a carefree and healthy life.

The five elements organize themselves, enveloped in a circle that represent our oneness, unity and cohesiveness and our connection with the universe as a whole.

It indicates our basic strategy of survival. It ensures the basic existence of human life in a consistent and blooming span of years.

To take a look into the different elements, we have Earth that points to the material aspect of this fast, racing world and the real Earth on which we are surviving indicates the practical foundations of existence.

Air relates to the human intellectually that we are either born with or develop over time with our skills and knowledge. It therefore points to the mind and its creative ideas and thoughts.

Water indicates the flow in life, consisting of raw emotions, feelings, behavior and sentiments that take different forms in different course of times. Spirit signals our connection with the outer world and to the divine source of energy.

If we delve deeper and try to explore the different decorations of these elements, we will find that they are highly energetic components that holds the entire universe into one single entity. They form the essence of life and penetrate unfathomable truths.

While getting to discover the elements, we come to gather a lot of knowledge about our own selves and how as human beings what our traits define or indicate.

Our zodiac tells us the particular elements that guide us in our everyday life, so that we can comprehend a better visibility of our own selves and what actually keeps us going.

While setting up a witch’s altar, the different elements contribute important roles. Fire should be started on the south side either with a candle or your wand. Water should be placed in the west in a chalice filled with moon water.

Earth should be placed in the north with some stones, earth or salt and air should be put in the east direction with an aromatic incense or athame. A lighted candle in the middle holds the divine energy and radiates spiritual rays all around equally.

In order to deliver greater magic as a witch, it’s necessary that we have thorough knowledge about all elements that constitute us which will then render balance to spell casting, spell weaving and harness our powers in am equivalent manner.

Bonding with the elements: 

Earth: Walking on the grass, sand or wet mud in bare feet builds an unique energy and strength within us. Touching the ground or mud with our hands in the form of gardening, planting trees or building sand castles on the sea shore creates magic.

Water: Dip your bare feet in a clean, flowing stream and feel the catharsis. Taking a good relaxing shower revitalizes your body energy. Meditation while spending time in a bathtub lets your emotions to emerge from within.

Fire: Gaze at the flame of a lighted candle and try to see images dancing in the bright, yellow light.  Meditate with light emanating from some source like a torch. Fire will burn down all your negative energies into ash.

Air: Allow the smooth breeze to touch your skin and feel into going inside your body. The airy, breezy feeling will cleanse and purify your soul from the depth.

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