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9 Things You Should Never Say To Your Daughter

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by Conscious Reminder

Undoubtedly, the most challenging job in this entire world is to be a parent. All the time, it is filled with lots of twists, and also turns, as well as ups or downs, and a number of other uncertainties.

In fact, there are some things which a parent is never supposed to say to his or her daughter, no matter the age. Sometimes, it seems like she is not listening, but she does – she learns from her parents and looks up to them. She always takes their words to her heart.

These are the nine things which parents are never supposed to say to their daughter:

1. Don’t tell her to stop crying.

Everybody has the right to show emotions. When parents tell her to stop crying, they actually tell her that she was weak as she shed some tears. Also, with that they tell her that all of her feelings are not important or valid. Instead, when she is crying, parents should discover the reason, talk about the problems with her, regardless of how small those problems can be.

2. Don’t tell her not to do something as she may scare boys away.

Well, it is quite important for parents never to tell their daughter not to do something simple as that may not be approved from the boys from her class. They should never make her think that her male peers’ opinion is much worth than her own. Parents should let their daughter do everything she wants and loves to do, even when it comes to some typical male activity or sport.

3. Don’t tell her that she is doing something wrong.

Sometimes, it may be hard for parents to reach over, as well as ties the shoes of their daughter when she is actually taking so long. However, they have to let their daughter try on her own and fail, and after a few fails, she will succeed. When parents do everything for their daughter, she will not be taught to be independent and proactive. They should give her some time to discover and learn everything alone, without any help.

4. Don’t ask her if she gained some weight.

No matter of the age, a girl should ever feel that she is judged because of her weight. So, such comments and questions can really hurt her, particularly when she is younger. Instead of telling her that she gained weight, parents should teach and encourage their daughter about healthy lifestyle, in order to make sure that she is healthy. So, being healthy does not depend on the weight.

5. Don’t tell her that something is not meant for girls.

Parents should not discourage their daughter to practice some activity or sport which was in the past considered for males, and also, they should not discourage her to enter in a field dominated by male individuals. For example, if their daughter is interested in studying engineering, parents should support her. Also, if their daughter is interested in taking boxing or karate classes, they should also support her. This is going to help their daughter break every barrier later in her life.

6. Don’t tell her that she is lazy.

Usually, there is one main reason why kids do not have the ability to accomplish something they were asked to. When parents attack the self-worth and self-esteem of their daughter, they will not do something useful. Calling their daughter lazy will not motivate her. Instead, they should sit and talk with her and see what happens.

7. Don’t tell her she is ridiculous.

When their daughter is upset or worried about a specific thing, her parents should never tell her that she is ridiculous. With dismissing her emotions or feelings, parents tell her that how she feels is not valid at all. Instead, they should listen to her, as well as help her overcome those hard times.

8. Don’t tell her to stop being needy.

This is going to make the relationship between parents and daughter weak. When she needs some help, or she is also hurting, she will feel like she cannot ask her parents to do something for her. Also, this can destroy the self-esteem within her, and question the emotions she has. The job of parents is to always be there when they children need them. 

9. Don’t compare her to her brother or sister.

Parents should never make a comparison between their daughter and somebody else. So, girls have to desire to be their best selves, and they should also feel quite comfortable because of their unique and genuine selves. Making their own decisions and goals, as well as developing their personality on their own is one way of growing up and feeling comfortable in their skin.

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