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Get Ready for Today’s Leo New Moon Powerful Fiery Energies – Things Can Get Heated

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by Conscious Reminder

The Leo New Moon arrives on August 16th, 2023, and marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. As the lunar cycle begins, we have the opportunity to start over in our own lives, particularly in terms of our emotions.

New Moons provide a reset and can help us evolve in our feelings about something. New Moons are also an excellent time to set intentions for the coming weeks. We can use the New Moon energies to clarify what we want to prioritize in our lives.

The Leo New Moon provides us with a beautiful wave of energy to help us with this. It may inspire us to reconnect with our passions, to revisit projects or hobbies that we had abandoned, and to prioritize joy and lightness.

The quality of simplicity is one of the highest octaves of Leo energy. When we simplify, life becomes easier, less emotional, and it becomes easier to make room for joy.

What aspects of your life do you need to simplify? Where are you overcomplicating things or allowing your emotions to make things worse?

We may find it easier to navigate the cosmic energies behind the Leo New Moon if we check in with ourselves and set intentions that are simple.

The Leo New Moon Activates the Heart & Venus Retrograde

Venus, which is still in retrograde motion, is also very active during this August New Moon. If Venus Retrograde has been active in your life, this New Moon could bring things to a head.

Venus Retrograde tends to stir up relationship issues, including our relationship with money and our sense of self-worth.

When it comes to our interpersonal relationships, Venus Retrograde can set off triggers related to setting boundaries, learning to navigate conflict, and knowing when to walk away.

Venus Retrograde can also reveal blockages in our lives’ giving and receiving of love, and a particular relationship can be a teacher in assisting us to realize this.

In fact, if you are currently dealing with a relationship conflict, take a step back and see if you can see it through a more spiritual lens. What is this situation teaching you about loving yourself more? How is your current situation assisting you in receiving more love?

You may not be able to answer those questions right away, but consider them as the August New Moon approaches and see what insights emerge in the coming days.

At this time, Black Moon Lilith is also active, indicating a strong rise in feminine energy. The presence of Black Moon Lilith under this New Moon will help us to stand up for ourselves, own our self-worth, and not back down from what we believe is right.

While we must be aware of our egos rising to the surface, there is a beautiful energy here that is guiding us to stand in our truth and own our inner power.

Connect with the energies of Black Moon Lilith if you are faced with a difficult situation around this New Moon and feel you could use a boost of confidence. Allow these energies to awaken your inner strength and activate your inner warrior.

The Leo New Moon & Uranus, the Great Awakener

Uranus, the planet known as the “Great Awakener,” is also active during this New Moon, indicating that there is some volatility in the air. If we receive unexpected or upsetting news, we may require the feminine strength that comes from both Venus and Black Moon Lilith to keep us grounded and guide us to our truth.

With Uranus, Venus, and Black Moon Lilith circling with this New Moon, it is possible that the unexpected news will cause significant change in our lives, particularly in our relationships.

Remember that planets cannot cause events to occur, but their alignments can serve as a trigger. If the relationship is struggling or needs to take a different path, this type of cosmic energy can bring it all to the surface.

New Moons are always reminders of new beginnings, so if something does leave your life around this time, remember that there is always the chance to start over.

While the Leo New Moon energies are strong, try to focus on creating simplicity. It may not be easy or natural at first, but if you keep your intention rooted here, you may just notice a softening.

Leo New Moon Blessings to you!

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