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New Moon At 24º Taurus On May 15th, 2018: A Mixed Bag Of Intense Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

With two stars from Perseus Constellation influencing it, the New Moon will be situated at 24 degree Taurus on Tuesday, May 15th. The two stars, Algol and Capulus symbolize unluckiness and destruction which means many will be adversely affected by severe weather concerns or catastrophes.

However, this New Moon will not entirely be a bad event as Algol and Capulus have good traits too. You will be able to bring about nice changes in your life as well as others by preaching the ideals of hope, faith and generosity. A significant planetary positioning of Jupiter trine Neptune will encourage generosity and optimism this new moon.

Astrological Significance

Positioned at 24 degrees Taurus sign, the new moon is astrologically affected by the two stars from Perseus Constellation. Intelligence, strength, boldness and adventurous streak are some of the traits possessed by Perseus, accompanied by a habit of lying. It also hints at major weather condition affecting large number of people.

  • 24 degree 26′ Taurus – Capulus, M34 Persei
  • 24 degree 36′ Taurus – New Moon
  • 26 degree 24′ Taurus – Algol, Beta Persei

Algol is the most malicious and violent star in the Universe. It indicates unluckiness, violent behavior like mob activities, electrocution, hanging etc. It refers to extreme and gruesome deaths or illness.

Both the stars have good traits too. Everything will go smoothly for those who live honestly, with good ideals and beliefs. Many Algol celebrities have proved this right.

Donald Trump’s actions are indeed questionable; both in professional and personal lives, but Algol conjuncts his Midheaven has brilliant impact on his career and public opinion. He currently has the most important position in the world, as the leader of USA, in all the history of times.

New Moon conjunct Algol will also bring good results provided you set honest and idealistic goals this new moon. It’s best to have ideals, religion or philosophy molding your goals.

Aspects of New Moon

New Moon semisextile Venus is a wonderful impact and offers chances for love and money if you venture out in these directions. Past traumas can be healed by being active in relationships. Be forward with your love, hug and kiss to keep relationships healthy and problem free.

New Moon trine Pluto suggests intense experiences. When you have more control over your own life, it will lead to positive changes. This power might be utilized to affect your life and also others’. Any issues in personal or professional fronts can be easily sorted out.

Mars square Uranus suggests being impulsive with no regards for outcomes. This might instigate disruption and destruction inherent in Algol. It’s best to avoid rash actions but being true to yourself might result in scientific or creative endeavors. Accidents might happen while driving or working with electric or technical things due to not paying attention.

Jupiter trine Neptune spreads hope, togetherness and generosity. It reaches its full potential on May 25. Since your personal growth will reach new heights, you’ll understand that selfless acts towards others are enriching. You may embark on a journey to find truth. You might do good deeds for the environment or animals. With present issues of exploitation of humans and refugee scenario, you’ll see a growing interest in human rights.


With the evil star Algol playing a huge part this new moon, it will lead to violence, destruction and deaths due to catastrophes. Lsrge numbers will suffer indirectly due to loss of close ones. Mars square Uranus indicates accidents and devastation. But certain planetary movements will also spread love and hope among all. It’s suggested to approach the new moon with positive goals in mind for best results.

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