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Life Partner & Soulmate — Can They Be The Same Person?

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Thanks to all the romantic comedy movies and the overall popular culture, the term soulmate has become a household utterance. 

However the concept of the soulmate is often confused and most of us don’t know exactly what it means.

Most people think that soulmates are the same as life partners, but is that really the case? Do we always end up with our Soul Mates, or is there something else to it?

Well, a soulmate can be your life partner, but it doesn’t have to be the case always.

I understand you must be confused now. To understand this, you need to know a bit more about the origin of soul mates.

First of all, most people think you can have only one soul mate in your life and they are the only one you will spend your life with.

Well no, you can have more than 10 soulmates in your life. And no, that doesn’t mean you are particularly adulterous.

Soulmates are the souls from our soul group. Before we are incarnated on Earth, we are part of an oversoul; which is like an extensive soul from which multiple souls are formed.

The people of this soul group are born as soulmates, and before they are born, they share a contract with each other.

This contract states that we will meet and interact with our soulmates, the members of our soul group can help them in their spiritual journey wherever possible.

Of course, the members of a soul group feel immensely attracted to each other. This is because naturally they will be able to form a much deeper bond with each other than any other human because they share a soul group.

While talking of soulmates, how can we forget about the twin flames? When a single soul is divided into two, they take birth as each others’ twin flames. We need our twin flames for our spiritual ascension.

And by default we would be the closest to our twin flames among everyone in our soul group.

However, even twin flames relationships are not guaranteed to be lifelong romantic partnerships. At the end of the day, that is determined by love and your choice alone.

So your life partner could be a soulmate or a twin flame but there is no rule that says they HAVE to be.

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