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2019 Will Be All About Learning What Balance Is

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by Conscious Reminder

2019 brings balance within us. We can be swayed by idealism and high dreams but as we start moving forward, we can ground our dreams and bring them in line with reality. There will be amazing opportunities coming our way.

The expansive Jupiter had moved to his homely environment in Sagittarius on 8th of November, 2018 and it will remain there till the 2nd of December, 2019, bringing new possibilities in life.

But this pursuit towards happiness and dreams will not be problem-free in 2019 as there will be some conflicts coming your way. But don’t worry – the year brings a lot of promise and it will leave you with an optimistic smile. So, keep your eyes open and look forward!

Don’t start daydreaming

On 13th of January, 16th of June, and 21st of September, you will have Jupiter squaring Neptune. Neptune has a tendency to make you dreamy and as a result, your dreams may start getting unrealistic. This will be a sure way towards disappointment as the unrealistic standards you set cannot be reached by other people. They are human and when you come in terms with this fact, you will find yourself getting disillusioned.

And this is not only related to people – it is possible that when you are working on any project, then you will set a high standard and find yourself falling behind. But thankfully, the Universe never really leaves your back. On January 31st, June 18th, and November 8th, Neptune will sextile Saturn.

Saturn is stabilizing and it will ground your expectations in terms of reality. It will show you that it’s not wrong to dream. Your dreams are achievable, but you have to combine it with a great plan. Reality comes back to you during this alignment and that is a good thing.

Changing your ways

Uranus has been with Aries for a long time but in 2019, they are finally breaking apart. On 6th of March, they will be in the final degree, reminding us that we could use our independent spirit to liberate us but it need not make us reckless. Uranus will be entering Taurus on 6th of March and it will settle there for a long time till April 2026.

This will come to you as a shock as you will find that the foundation on which you have built your entire life is falling apart. It is holding you back. Reinvent yourself – it’s time that you think about your place in the world and begin changing yourself to settle in.

A little bit of conflict

There are many eclipses that will take place in 2019 along the Cancer and Capricorn axis. It will put the spotlight on your family life as well as your reputation. On 5th of January, the Solar Eclipse has already made many people choose new career paths and showed you that you have a lot of potential inside. 

However, on 2nd of July, the solar eclipse in Cancer will tell you to release whatever you believed made you safe and secure. How will that help you? It will make you a master builder as you build your life from scratch.

These conflicting themes will continue throughout 2019 as the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn takes place on 16th of July and the solar eclipse occurs on 26th of December. However, the final eclipse will be beautiful. There will be a conjunct of Jupiter in Capricorn and a trine of Uranus in Taurus. These amazing alignments can help you get an unexpected windfall, or at least bring the conflict to an end as you finally find your place on earth.

This year might bring some conflicts in your life, but it will also ground you as you go out to accomplish your dreams. Yes, you might feel like something is pulling you from behind but that is just how you can be thrown forward towards your dreams. So, infuse yourself with the planetary energy and use it to your benefit.

Best of Luck!

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