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Using The Elemental Energies To Recharge Your Batteries

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The world and the lives we live in it are difficult and tiring. There are duties, responsibilities we have to carry out and there are people who depend on us.

Besides all of that, we must live for ourselves too, taking care of our own soul, mind and body.

So it is no surprise that quite often we find ourselves absolutely overwhelmed by the perpetual labors of human existence.

We all need spiritual rejuvenation. Everyone can use a bit of extra energy. The cosmos is always ready to help any spiritually inclined person out, whenever they need boosts of energy.

The energy lent out is of four types, corresponding to the four material elements: earth, fire, air and water.

Here is how you can tap into them:


This is the most useful of the energies when it comes to energies of the mind. Aerial energies help you focus and think more rationally and in extension open your mind up to cosmic events and happenings.

Go to an open space, somewhere you can feel the wind flow. It can be a roof/terrace/field. When the winds blow, let yourself go and really enjoy the feeling of the winds on your face, your limbs and skin.

Let the energy rejuvenate you.


Water is healer of emotions and passions. If you are going through a rough patch romance wise, or you are depressed because of anything related to feeling, aqua energies are for you.

Keeping your mind open and focussing on feelings, take a dip or even better, feel the spray of rain on your face.

You will feel refreshed and energised by the energies of this element.


The purest form of energy out of the four. Fires have always had ritual significance. It is a small form of purgatory, purging negative emotions and re-energising the disciple.

It is particularly potent for people who seem to be lethargic towards life.

Take a candle and light it. Sit with it alone and feel its energies seeping through your skin.


These forces make you more grounded in reality and stable and better functioning.

Sit it a field, on the Earth. Imagine your energy reservoir or kundalini descending like a root into the heart of the Earth. When the connection has been established, meditate on it for a while.

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