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Tree Of Life Meaning: 5 Ancient Interpretations Of The Powerful Symbol

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by Conscious Reminder

In a lot of present-day interpretations, the meaning and essence of the so-called Tree of Life are thought to link all the forms and ways of creation.

Its image is remarkably believed to be a representation of the Divine Creator; moreover, it is appreciated like the depiction of interconnectedness of every sentient and conscious being.

Here, we will present you the interpretation which is a good summery of the different religious and mythical interpretations of the Tree of Life in history times.

1. Christianity – The Tree of Life growing in the Garden of Eden.

In the middle part of the Garden of Eden, the so-called Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was believed to grow near to the Tree of Life. But, it was also widely debated if both of them are actually just one same tree. According to most of the interpretations, these two trees were seen and interpreted as the same tree. 

The so-called Tree of Knowledge is the one which connects the heaven with the underworld, while the Tree of Life actually combines all the forms of existence and creation, and the two of them are, in fact, forms of Cosmic or World tree; therefore, different religions, as well as philosophies recognize these two trees as one.

2. Islam interpretations and perspective.

In the Quran, there is just one tree referenced, and it is the Tree of Life or also called the Tree of Immortality. Similarly to the story in the Bible, the serpent or Satan has tempted and convinced Adam and Eve to take a fruit from it, eat that fruit and disobey the orders from Allah. Actually, Hadiths do refer to a more heavenly tree, while some of the Islamic religious movements see it as a symbol of the betrayal of Adam. It is a similar story to the one of Christianity.

3. Egyptian mythological interpretations.

Isis and Osiris, who are considered the first couple in the hierarchy of Ennead of the mythology of Egypt are believed to been created from the Tree of Life – which is an acacia tree of Iuaaset. Supposed to be the state in which life or death are enclosed, East is a representation of life and when the Sun rises, while West is a representation of death, as well as underworld when the Sun actually sets.

A lot of creationist myths in this culture also represent a serpent, as well as an egg that comes from a bird of light, and a lot of images of this tree included some representations of such figures.

4. The Chinese Tree of Immortality interpretations.

According to one Taoist story, the Chinese Tree of Life was a peach one which produces one fruit only on 3000-year period, so the one that consumes the magic fruit is going to become immortal. At its base, the tree was guarded by one dragon, while at its top, by the Phoenix, having its branches reaching the heavens, and the base only connecting the tree with the well-known earthly plane.

5. The Mayan World Tree interpretations

The name of the heave of Mayans was Tomaoanchan, and they actually believed that it is a mystical area which is obscured by some mystical mountains. So, the so-called World Tree has been also believed to be the locus of every creation which reached for some directions. Each of its directions is represented with some distinct colors, and the central point of the tree is actually the base within every layer of existence, heavens, earth, as well as the underworld.

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