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Why Can’t You Remember Your Dreams?

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by Conscious Reminder

Do you never remember your dreams? Keep on forgetting what they are? Wake up in the morning, and realize what happened in your dreams last night had burst into a cloud of which you have no recollection?

This is perfectly normal. Although, it could mean that you aren’t. Nothing to worry about though!

Why does it happen though? Well, the simplest possible answer could be that your brain is not designed to remember the dreams of the past. The neurons that fire your dreams don’t arrive in the morning to remind you of them.

But Freud, in his Interpretation of Dreams has mentioned about how the unconscious and the subconscious, with the incursion of Id, Ego, and the superego don’t let dreams that are of a particularly violent nature, or rather nightmares, if you will, to be remembered the next day.

This helps the person to not wake up in a cold sweat all the time, even while he or she is finally waking up in the morning. Most people usually don’t remember their dreams, which could be because of an extremely exhausting day at work, or maybe because their mind is not built in a way to remember those neurons that brought those dreams.

Although, there are ways to actually remember your dreams even if you are usually unable to. One of them could be actively convincing yourself that you would remember the dreams no matter the situation, which would put your senses on alert.

Secondly, you could also be continuously telling yourself that you would remember it. And finally, although this might not give you a good night’s sleep, you can set an alarm every 90 minutes, which is exactly the moment when REM occurs.

This would allow you to remember your dreams, yet, it is not ascertained if they are worth the trouble.

Just give yourself some time and have patience. Also, have in mind that the best REM phases come after 5 or 6 hours of good sleep, so make sure you are giving your beauty sleep enough of time.

Keep practicing you will figure it out in time!

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