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6 Retrogrades At Once!? This is Actually An Advantage & Here’s Why

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This year we’ve already experienced planetary retrogrades that were quite powerful combined with the cosmic events that dictate the radical energy shifts on the planet.

However, every single planetary retrograde represents inner work and efforts towards deep personal acknowledgment and insight.

The process of retrograde is when a planet seems to move backward while passing the Earth. This also has a symbolic meaning for the human nature because of the intense deep work inside all of us, the ability and need to detach from the burdens of the past and rise to a new level of progress in all fields of life.

The summer of 2018 is going to be the cherry on the top of this year of turbulent energy shifts. We will experience the longest total lunar eclipse in the century and we will see six retrogrades at once! Check it out:


Between June 26th and July 10th, there are five planetary retrogrades.

Jupiter retrograde—March 8th to July 10th.
Saturn retrograde—April 17th to September 6th.
Pluto retrograde—April 22nd to September 30th.
Neptune retrograde—June 18th to November 24th.
Mars retrograde—June 26th to August 27th.

Jupiter will start the purification process of your life. It will make you reconsider your values in life and choose the ones that better resonate with your mission. It will also point out to any existing problems in your physical health. This is a good time for any detoxes and herbal healing programs.

Retrogrades AdvantageSaturn, the planet of responsibilities and lessons, will go deeper into re-evaluating your life and will ask to look into and release any karmic densities you are carrying. It will also take a look at your commitments and re-evaluate which ones you want to keep.

While Jupiter and Saturn aim at practical sides of your life, Pluto is coming to dig deeper and peel layers of your subconscious mind and beliefs. What is the truth for you? It may be time to let go of old beliefs or toxic people and connect more with your spiritual journey with a goal of growing your consciousness.

Then comes the creative Neptune, which will unveil any negative emotions you are still carrying. Do you have self-doubt or fears? Neptune will do what it needs to do to unlock these feelings for you so that they can be released in peace. It is helpful to spend more time doing creative work at this time and visit museums, art galleries, and other places that fuel the creative energy.

Finally, the fifth of planetary retrogrades is Mars. The planet of the warrior can be quite chaotic but it does not have to be. After pointing out where you may have been slacking in life, it will awaken motivation and action-driven force to help you move forward in all areas of life.

Together these five planetary retrogrades will clear out all things that are not serving you, including beliefs and habits, to prepare you to be your best self.

The Mercury retrograde, on the other hand, is more common and happens most frequently of all planets during the year. The issues in communication and all of the misunderstanding should be cleared. Use the power of this planet to strengthen your bondings with the people you love.

The counting of the retrogrades ends with Chiron. Chiron is a comet, not a planet, that will appear aligned with the six retrogrades to close this powerful circle.

This will be the period when you will heal your wounds and you will be given the power to detach from the past, heal the wounds and face the fears. Those who are more spiritually advanced will definitely use this chance for self-improvement and healing.

Source: The Limitless Minds

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