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Follow These 6 Simple Steps To Heal Your Soul Wounds

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by Conscious Reminder

We are stuck in a world oscillating between crisis and conflict. In such a situation, the primary agenda on everyone’s to-do list should be self-healing.

We have to acknowledge the deep-rooted emotional turmoils which lie at the core of our being. Healing begins with the recognition of the triggers and the source of the turmoil.

Once we have acknowledged them, it is very easy to manage them by documenting them, learning from them, releasing them, and eventually moving on from them.

Our lives have been goal-driven for as long as we can remember. So much so that we have sacrificed our lives, peace, happiness, and health at the altar of success.

In a world where overworking is the norm, using time and effort to take a break and heal may seem so wrong. How do we make the impossible, possible?

1. Heal yourself with Self-Love

The idea of saving yourself may seem selfish. However, self-love is an important lesson on kindness, comfort, and love. It is only possible to heal the world after we have heard the unheard stories of our souls and comforted our seething hearts.

As we heal ourselves, we get freed from the ills and sufferings of our previous lifetimes as well. Our radiantly healed soul will not only shed light on our life but will also brighten up the world.

2. Soul – Soothing Activities

Every individual is unique. So, different solutions work for different people. Do not seek out a singular answer. Focus on finding the activities that suit your needs. While meditation has helped a number of people, others have been saved by art, and yet others have chosen nature as their way out. The aim is to find peace in the action that we are doing. The idea is to find a place of comfort where we can shed our masks and be comfortable in our own skin.

3. Let the Pain Flow

Deep-rooted emotional turmoil and pain can corrode our being. While often invisible, they surface as phobias, anger, and heartaches. Rarely do we spend some time assessing them.

We have to face our fears and pain in order to liberate them. Instead of holding onto them, let it flow freely and out of the body.

4. Documenting the Pain

Writing can be therapeutic. Doctors always write down the symptoms followed by the diagnosis. We should as well. This is the phase where the healing incubates before it can manifest and grow. We can document it as we paint, write, or even sing. As our feelings become evident, they get a certain legitimacy. It also allows us a deeper insight into our pain.

5. Let Yourself Heal

As we gain an insight into the source of our pain, it becomes easier to find the perfect way of healing. Some people need the peace and quiet of solitude. Some need the warmth and comfort of their families and friends.

However, most of us often set out on our self-healing path without a clear understanding of the diagnosis. While the thoughtful inputs from family or even therapists can be helpful, we know what’s best for us. The best way out is to assess our pain and choose our path accordingly.

6. Healing the World

Healing the world is only a natural by-product of our self-healing. Healing will become apparent through our brighter and better attitudes. As we heal we stop judging others harshly, we even choose to happily support and help others. We realize that a peaceful, harmonious and united world is so much more important than any other self-serving agenda.

So, start healing yourself, and in the process, help those around you. A happy self leads to a happier world. Despite all the chaos now, better days await us. Don’t let the darkness get you down!

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