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May’s Full Moon Energies Are Still Holding Strong And Here’s How They’ll Affect The Zodiac Signs In The Week After

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The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is a mental axis, where Gemini represents the “lower mind” and Sagittarius represents the “higher mind.”

The Gemini Sun encourages us to think logically, while the Sagittarius Moon persuades us to intuit and to think in a broader manner. Sagittarius symbolizes the quest for meaning and ideas that expand upon the “here and now.”

Gemini is quite comfortable in his or her immediate environment or neighborhood, while Sagittarius stimulates us to venture beyond it. Neglecting either end of the axis will surely backfire on us. Ideally, a balance should be found between the two energies, and this is what the Full Moon invites us to do.

This Full Moon is about communication, attitude, and our sense of adventure. Something has been building inside of us, and now is the time when the energy of the cosmos fairly demands that we let it out. Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this means for us. For now, we can’t sit on our feelings. We need to express them.


The full moon at the start of the week could encourage you to drop what you’re doing and go off on an adventure. If you’ve been pining for something different, this influence could inspire you to take action. Even a short break or a few hours in new surroundings can leave you feeling refreshed.

On Tuesday, talkative Mercury moves into Gemini and your sector of communication, encouraging you to share your thoughts and ideas. The coming weeks can also be an excellent opportunity for networking and getting your message out to the world.

The end of the week, especially Friday, brings the promise of some lively social events and the chance of an exciting encounter.

A warm and deeply spiritual transit could encourage you to listen to someone who may need support. By doing so, you could find that you have much in common.


Feelings could bubble to the surface this week, and you could reflect on experiences or issues that you may not have thought about for a while. This could be due to Tuesday’s full moon in a more intense sector of your chart. It is encouraging you to process through such emotions and gradually let them go. It may not happen overnight, but given enough time, you can feel great relief.

On the same day, inquisitive Mercury joins the sun in Gemini and your financial sector. Here, it encourages you to get organized. Once you do, you may feel greater peace of mind. In addition, you could get a chance to use a skill or talent and earn money from it.

There could be an opportunity for a reunion over Friday and the weekend. Or you might enjoy a special date with your love interest. Either way, it could be a very special occasion.


You will be in your element with the sun in your sign, followed by inquisitive Mercury on Tuesday. The coming days and weeks can provide an opportunity to discuss issues that are important to you, especially if you’ve never talked about them before. These influences can be very life affirming. They can encourage you to start on a plan or project that is deeply meaningful to you, and you can derive great satisfaction from doing so.

There is also a full moon in your sector of relating on Tuesday, which could bring hidden feelings out into the open. This can be an opportunity to clear the air, but it helps to do so as sensitively and compassionately as possible.

The end of the week could see you indulging in a shopping spree, massage, or some other indulgence. It can help you relax, so enjoy every moment.


The sun in Gemini and a more secluded sector of your chart is joined by Mercury on Tuesday, which could connect you to your heart’s desires. The coming weeks could also make you aware of issues and experiences that may have held you back in the past. This can be your chance to process through them and gradually let them go.

The full moon in your lifestyle sector on Tuesday could encourage you to release any bad habits. If you’ve been thinking about losing weight, this can be one of the better times to start.

The end of the week could bring opportunities to indulge and enjoy life. If you’ve been busy with various tasks and responsibilities, the thought of kicking back and doing all the things you’re not supposed to do can be very appealing. If you’re enjoying yourself, why not?


Tuesday’s full moon in your leisure and romance sector can be an opportunity to let go and really enjoy yourself. With a long-term focus on your sector of work and service, you have likely experienced a lot of pressure over recent months. This full moon can act like a valve that allows you to let off steam. If you can plan to do something exciting, so much the better. Pull out all the stops and make it worthwhile.

Chatty Mercury joins the sun in Gemini and your social sector on Tuesday, and this can lend extra sparkle to all kinds of events and social occasions.

More muted aspects at the end of the week could see you enjoying time at home. You might find it very satisfying to watch an inspiring movie or read a good novel. This is one time when you will be content to stay in and do your own thing.


Tuesday’s full moon in your domestic sector could bring a family drama out into the open. If a key issue has been swept under the carpet, this lunar phase could open things up for discussion. However, it might be just as well to take a sensitive approach to such matters. Being too open and honest could make things even more difficult.

Also on Tuesday, lively Mercury, your guide planet, joins the sun in Gemini and your sector of goals and ambitions. The coming weeks could see you in the spotlight, so use this opportunity to showcase your best skills and abilities.

The end of the week can be perfect for a wonderful romantic occasion that you should thoroughly enjoy. Whether solo or spoken for, the link between luscious Venus and jovial Jupiter on Friday and dreamy Neptune on Saturday can add up to a truly wonderful date night. These are the best days to make use of this opportunity.


Be mindful of your conversation, especially on Tuesday, the time of the full moon in your sector of communication. Because it’s in the very open and honest sign of Sagittarius, you might be tempted to tell it like it is, but would this be wise? It might be better to be as diplomatic and thoughtful as possible. The outcome will likely be better if you can do this.

With expressive Mercury joining the sun in your sector of travel on Tuesday, the idea of jetting to faraway places could seem very appealing. If you have the opportunity, this could be an excellent time for a break. Being in new surroundings would act as a real restorative.

The end of the week could bring you a small but lucrative contract or opportunity to impress someone important. You might need to sacrifice some of your time, but the outcome could be well worth it.


You might be tempted to go shopping online or at the mall, but the full moon in your money zone at the start of the week could encourage you to splurge. You could easily get carried away and spend far more than you intend to. If you can set a dollar limit, do so. Otherwise, keep the receipts and paperwork in case you need to return some items.

Talkative Mercury joins the sun in Gemini and a more intense sector of your chart on Tuesday, making this a good time to tend to business affairs or discuss anything important in some depth. If you need to make any radical changes, this is your chance to do it.

If you have the chance to take a romantic break or family outing over the weekend, you could have a truly wonderful and memorable time.


Tuesday brings a full moon in your sign, which could make you feel larger than life. Feelings may be very much on surface, and it might be easier to express them than keep them in. Nevertheless, this lunar phase could encourage you to be extremely honest, and this is what could affect more sensitive types. If you need to discuss anything important, try to do so as gently and carefully as possible.

Also on Tuesday, interactive Mercury joins the sun in your sector of relating. Its presence here could encourage you to meet others halfway and be more diplomatic.

On Friday, a lovely tie between luscious Venus and jovial Jupiter, your guide planet, could coincide with a very soulful encounter with a loved one that enhances your intimacy in beautiful ways.

Finally, it’s possible that you could attract extra money by following your instincts.


Your dreams could be very vivid in the early part of the week, thanks to the full moon in Sagittarius and a spiritual sector of your chart on Tuesday. It might be worth writing them down because they could hold valuable guidance for you.

Also on Tuesday, chatty Mercury joins the sun in Gemini and your lifestyle sector, which could encourage you to become more organized. If you have too many activities to handle, cutting back on a few can free up your time and make you less anxious.

Romantic possibilities abound on Friday and Saturday as luscious Venus aligns with jovial Jupiter and then dreamy Neptune. You could enjoy the perfect date, whether with a partner or new love interest. This blend of energies is also excellent for a fun occasion like a party or family celebration. Even business affairs could go very well at this time.


Tuesday’s full moon in your social sector could make social events quite boisterous. If you’re attending a party or other occasion, things could get very lively. If you love dancing and socializing, you should have a really good time. Indeed, this could be a much-needed opportunity to let off some steam.

Also on Tuesday, chatty Mercury joins the sun in Gemini and your leisure sector, and this could inspire you to relax with a favorite hobby or enjoy a competitive sport. Either will restore and energize you.

Convivial Venus makes a positive aspect to upbeat Jupiter on Friday, and you could strike it lucky at work. This aspect could coincide with an opportunity that is too good to pass up – and it could be quite lucrative, too. You may also be feeling generous and eager to donate to charity, which is very commendable.


You could be in the spotlight with a full moon in Sagittarius and a more prominent sector of your chart on Tuesday. This could be an opportunity to discuss something important in public and make your feelings known. Once others understand how you truly feel, it could make quite a difference in an awkward situation. Be sure to always act with sensitivity and decorum, though, because people will be watching you.

Also on Tuesday, connected Mercury joins the sun in your home zone to encourage you to reflect on more personal matters. This can be a time to get organized, especially regarding family projects and outings.

The end of the week can be especially positive for a short break to someplace different or even a romantic vacation for two. This chance to spend quality time with your closest friends or partner should be very enjoyable.

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