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Empaths Can Often Be Their Own Worst Enemies

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

An empath is an incredibly gifted person and an entirely positive one. When at his or her maximum potential, he is strong and caring, and a true force to reckon with.

An empath is a person that feels things on an extremely high level. He or she can and does absorb other people’s emotions. An empath is naturally giving and spiritual in several ways. We can always relate to an empath, and he or she can be really fascinating.

Although an empath is overwhelmingly nurturing and positive, sometimes he or she does that to a fault. Negative empath also exists, and it is the person that has lost touch with his or her sense of power and permitted their emotions’ dark side to surround them and take their best characteristics. When empaths go down such route, it will not be easy for them to find the proper footing once again.

Here, we will talk about some ways in which empaths can lose their own strength and become the worst enemies of their own selves. Although these things will not apply to every one of them, they are going to exist in the lives of some.

Here are the seven things an empath should be quite conscious of:

1. Not establishing the proper boundaries

An empath should always have the proper boundaries. Empaths should not establish some boundaries with those around them, as they are going to turn themselves into doormats. Those that are their closest ones will use them without empaths even realizing it. They should learn how they should say “no.” 

2. Giving up on discovering and learning more about their own selves

An empath is always some kind of a mystery, especially to himself or herself. He or she continually learns and uncovers new sides and characteristics of who he or she is. When the empath finally gives up on such knowledge, he or she will give up on their own selves, and that is not okay at all. This is going to create a home where negativity will be the ruler.

3. Playing the victim

An empath is a courageous and strong person, but he or she could sometimes take on the mentality of a victim. He or she will feel as the entire world turned against him or her, and every negative emotion they absorb will become too much. And, when all this happens, the empath will find himself or herself into the rut from which they cannot get out.

4. Looking for some ways to actually escape reality

An empath will work hard in order to escape reality. While empaths love their own lives, and those who are around them, their wants for more could become something that they were supposed to avoid. Empaths are also susceptible to different addictions and may use the worst means in order to deal with everything they feel.

5. Refusing to acknowledge the gifts they possess

When an empath refuses to acknowledge his or her gift, simply because he or she does not want to be different is only going to cause pain. The single way in which they can find acceptance would be if they are true to themselves. If a person is an empath, it does not mean that there is something wrong with him or her. But, many people forget this fact. When empaths acknowledge that they are unique, that will not feed their ego, but it will allow the growth of their true form.

6. Losing track of their emotions

As an empath absorbs emotions, it can be difficult for him or her to understand which of those emotions belong to him or her, and which to others. Empaths could take far more emotions than they should, and feel those emotions as if they were their own. They should learn to release such emotions because they could find themselves feeling terrible and in great sorrow. In fact, negative emotions can tear people apart.

7. Refusing to give themselves some recharging time

Every human being needs some recharging time. An empath will need to spend time in solitude every day, in order to bring himself or herself out of low vibrational frequencies. When he or she refuses to spend time in isolation, they will be quite exhausted in the end. They are going to become more devastated on a physical level when they don’t take their time to recharge.

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bea April 18, 2019 - 9:38 am

Thank you for reminding me who I am and how I can save myself .. THANK YOU 😘


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